Fred Meyer CarbMaster Yogurt

Chelea Holdt
on 10/19/09 2:52 am - Portland, OR
Carol from the Bariatric Support Group shared this product with the group. I bought some this weekend and they taste pretty good. Plus they are a good price. It is has around 3 or 4 carbs, 80 calories and 12 g of protein. They even taste good. Just a thought :o)  Check it out.  You can view the Nutrition facts at
on 11/1/09 12:39 pm - Salem, OR
Thanks for the tip they actually are pretty good.
on 11/26/09 3:38 pm, edited 11/26/09 3:39 pm
I thought they were really bland and tasteless. I am now addicted to Greek Yogurt. Walmart only carries
Brown cow brand, but I think it's so much better than that Carb master stuff.