The "Lose 150 pounds in 6 months" Diet

on 3/8/10 1:35 am - Gatineau, Canada
Hi guys,
So last Friday I posted that picture of me from when I was on the Dr. Bernstein diet. After seeing that picture it trigured me to find a miracle diet. A diet where I could lose weight extremely fast. A diet where only the strong willed people could succeed. And for me, I have found that diet. One must note that this diet is only a temporary fix to help in my long term surgery plan. So after reading up on this I did find one diet that could fit my lifestyle. I stopped on a story on one of the low-carb forums which was entitled "I lost 150 pounds in 6 months". I started reading this and besically the guy does the same menu everyday for 6 months and he totals about 3-5g of carbs per day. THAT'S IT!!! After reading his daily food intake I saw why he had lost so fast and decided, I'm gonna try it. Today is my first day and I plan to do a full month of it to see the results. It's kinda tough for me to weigh myself because I'm too big for my scale but tonight I will take pictures and I will measure myself. So here's my meal plan.

- 1 Multivatamin
- 3 6g Fibre pills
- 2 hard boiled eggs

- Ham, Turkey or Chicken (lunch meats) with or without cheese

- 2 fillets of white fish or 1 chicken breast


No snacks, no desserts, no drinks. Just meat and water. I still want to throw in some veggies every now and again but that's basically it.

Lets hope it works and I can stick to it!!!
on 3/8/10 1:59 am - Canada
Wow Derek! That's a d-r-a-s-t-i-c diet! What is the planned daily caloric intake??? I'm a bit concerned about leading an active live on such little calories and bout the absence of (lean) dairy products...For sure, adding fruits and vegetables seems an excellent idea.

Let us know how it turns out!
on 3/8/10 2:08 am - Gatineau, Canada
Thanks Joe! It is drastic but heck, if Morgan Speirman (SuperSize Me) can eat McDonald's for 30 straight days without dying or falling critically ill I think I can do this. I'll see how it goes after a week. I'd love to do a month but if I can't live or have no energt after a week I'm calling this off.
on 3/8/10 2:44 am - Canada
I definitively wish you best of luck, but hope you'll be careful!

As for Mr Speirman...If I remember well, his health status during the experience took quite a drop...A better role-model could be a good idea  But you surely look like you are wise-enough not to do so!

Hang on dude!

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on 3/8/10 2:52 am - Gatineau, Canada
Thanks Joel.
Actually all of you guys are my role-models. I can't wait to be where you guys are today and feel like you guys do. My time will come. I just have to wait.

on 3/8/10 6:42 am - Canada
Hi Derek, wow you are motivated... I think we can survive and be active with as little as that ( we post op lived with less than that) but for a pre-op, it will be very difficult because you'll be hungry, at least in the first days or weeks... and you are very active... The idea of stopping carbs is great, because you won't be able to eat them anyway after surgery. And proteins will fill you up more. But don't be too hard on yourself, if you are hungry between the meals at first you can eat some more proteins, at least in the beginning to make the adaptation easier...  Good luck to you and keep us posted!

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on 3/8/10 12:53 pm - Roxboro, Canada
Hi Derek,

You do need to be careful especially about your proteins. Since I had started the "cookie" diet after about a week my body went into a kind of "shock" in a way. I was at work and I was having very weird symptoms and found out it was lack of protein. So after 2 weeks I've stopped for two weeks and will start again but with some adjustments. You have to make it right for you.(oh yea...and my Dr. knows I'm doing this)

I also found out at my last Dr.'s apt that I'm anemic and have low potassium levels so my doc is helping me get those levels up before my surgery.

You don't want to jeopordize your be careful if you do this.
Brenda B.
on 3/9/10 8:15 am - Gaspé, Canada
Derek you will not like my answer but I think you are making a mistake and getting too focused on numbers....our body and brain needs carbs....complexe carbs but carbs. Even after WLS there are contradicting studies about the importance of carbs. It is really important for you to focus on staying healthy for your surgery. All of us who has done the presurgery diet can attest to the haziness in our mental alertness and the constant hunger in the pit of our stomach. I am not judging you but I don't think this is a wise choice. That is my two cents worth. I am almost six months post op and I will not be even close to losing 150lbs and I still average about 800 cals a day. I think you will only screw up your metabolic rate with this diet. Please rethink this my friend.

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on 3/9/10 10:52 am, edited 3/9/10 10:53 am - Canada
I don't know Derek. I�appreciate the concern everyone's showing about the drastic nature of the diet but at the same time I feel like that's how I'm eating post surgery. This focus on proteins has me basically eating protein and drinking water constantly (dairy proteins too).

It's not easy to lose weight or wait for surgery. I appreciate your willingness to jumpstart but maybe registering at Weigh****chers would be a better fit since it encourages the type of lifestyle adjustment we ALL�have to make post surgery (exercise and balance). It's also great to have a support system. I'm actually tagging along with my mom and sister to their meetings, eventhough I've got my secret weapon I�still need to LEARN�how to cook, eat, and exercise like a normal healthy person.

Best of luck with whatever you choose Derek :)
on 3/11/10 2:11 am - Gatineau, Canada
Thanks for all the concerns girls. I am however still going to keep going on this thing for a full 30 days. I'm 4 days in today. I don't know if I'm losing any weight but I'm in Ketosis so that's a good sign that I'm losing weight. Let's see if I can keep it up.