on 12/18/11 1:52 am - Roxboro, Canada

Hi everybody,

So have been on Optifast for a few days and my thoughts so far...not much fun!

So I prefer the chocolate which surprises me since I'm not much of a chocolate person and so far the best way is with ice. I haven't gotten any syrops to add yet so once I do I'm hoping the vanilla will be better. My only real negative thing about it is the awful taste it leaves in my mouth. Any suggestions other than brushing my teeth right after?

I also can't get 4 of them in a day...I can hardly do 3 so will that cause any problems?
That's it for now and hope that you're all having a great weekend!

on 12/18/11 10:13 pm - Canada
Hi Ada,

I couldn't get 4 in either. The only thing Martine told me was to try, cause it's the energy your loosing out on. But I hardly ever got 3 never mind 4.

For the taste, I can't remember but can you chew gum? Maybe some sugerless ones?

Hang in there!

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on 12/19/11 11:00 am - montreal, Canada
 Hi Ada,

For the nasty aftertaste, what really helped me were Listerine strips - it's like super concentrated mouthwash and it really helped clear the taste from my mouth. Interestingly, I also found that it worked as a mild appetite suppressant, so score! The other thing I did like crazy back then was scraping my tongue. It helped to remove the "fuzz" that seems to accumulate on the tongue from the shakes.

If you can, you should really try to drink all 4 shakes most of the days. The reason being that the nutrition content is calculated so you get your nutrition needs met when taking 4 shakes daily. While not meeting that target during four weeks will most likely not affect you adversly long term, why take a chance. On the other hand, if you really can't get that 4th one down, oh well, no sense in forcing yourself.

Good luck!

on 12/21/11 12:08 pm - Roxboro, Canada

So have been on this Optifast for a while now and it seems to be getting better. Apart from some "uncomfortable" first few days...let's just say thank goodness I had a bathroom close by...

I still haven't managed 4 a day (a couple of days I even did just 2) but I am trying. I do look forward to having my veggies!

I went out and got the Listerine strips (thanks Monica) and the gum I also needed to buy (thanks Cindy) since I'm not a big gum eater...so it does help! What I've also been doing is adding the syrops. It really makes a difference especially with the vanilla since I'm not crazy about the vanilla.

So that's it for now...oh yea almost forgot...I'm down 11 pounds so far so I'm very thrilled with that (I know that it's mostly water but makes me happy)

Take care all and have a great evening,
on 12/21/11 6:47 pm - Canada
hiya ada,

its exciting to hear about your journey.....keep it coming....

kudos to you for your weight loss, ........

merry xmas......