when I sleep my bones hurt

on 4/20/13 10:09 am - TX

Does anyone else have this issue? The top of my legs wakes me up, on the side,feels like the  bones, what in the world causes this pain? It bothers me really bad and I keep having to turn to one side then the other and repeat.

Could I be lacking a vitamin?


Kelly in Texas   Gastric Bypass   Oct 15 2012  

on 4/20/13 10:17 am

I have been having issues with hip pain. Did a search recently and found out that it is very common after WLS. Just started physical therapy and my PT said that weight loss means you are walking differently ... will cause pain while muscles adjust.. I started PT on Monday and it's already helped ... so maybe you're having the same issues.


on 4/20/13 12:15 pm - TX

Thank you, maybe that would help...??

Kelly in Texas   Gastric Bypass   Oct 15 2012  

on 4/20/13 10:21 am

I used to get terrible pain in my joint bones and back when I would sleep. I think it was due to the weight pressing down on them as I tried to rest. It made finding a comfortable position very difficult. Now it tends to happen only when I have been in 1 position too long. Just another one of the MANY things that improves as I lose. I sure hope yours improves soon as well. We humans need to be able to rest when we try to sleep.

on 4/20/13 12:13 pm - TX

Thank you

Kelly in Texas   Gastric Bypass   Oct 15 2012  

Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 4/20/13 11:34 am - OH

Is it the top of your legs (your thighs) or is it your hips?  Before surgery, I slept mostly on my stomach but that wasn't comfortable as I lost the weight, so I started sleeping on my sides and by the time I had lost about 150 of the 190 pounds, I noticed that the hip I was laying on would start to hurt (enough to wake me up).  After I would roll over, eventually the other one would start to hurt, so I would roll again.  Sorry to say that this has continued for me.  I have finally found a way to sleep sort of between sleeping on my side and sleeping on my stomach.


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on 4/20/13 11:43 am - Miami, FL
RNY on 08/15/12

I sleep on my side with a really thick body pillow between my legs...it seems to align my legs or my hips or something but whatever it does I sleep much better.  Make sure you get a good body pillow, not a cheap one that squishes flat.  


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on 4/20/13 11:55 am
RNY on 04/02/13

I've been having pain in my hips (brand new to me) ever since surgery - bad enough to wake me up and keep me awake.  My psychopharm (who volunteered to help me with pain management) put me back on oxy for it temporarily.  According to her and another one of my docs, it's likely from time spent on the operating table, which apparently has zero cushion.  I'm amazed I still have the pain 2 1/2 weeks out.  It's getting better though slowly.  Newest game plan for me is 10 mg oxy at bedtime (which lets me sleep about 4 hours), then a tylenol upon waking (which last night let me sleep another 3 hours).  I checked, you're not nearly close enough to your surgery date for this to be what's making you hurt, but I thought I'd share for those who are closer to being new post-ops reading here.  Hope you get it figured out soon, not sleeping sucks!! 


on 4/20/13 12:13 pm - TX

Thank you

Kelly in Texas   Gastric Bypass   Oct 15 2012  

on 4/20/13 12:11 pm - TX

Thanks for the replys..Lora, it might be my hips...I really dont know what to call it, but sounds just what you are describing...Very painful.

I suppose I shall try a body pillow..

I feel for all of you who have this, I will just hope it goes away for us all....Thanks all

Kelly in Texas   Gastric Bypass   Oct 15 2012