What is causing my legs to hurt?

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It's just the calves of my legs and usually at night and early in the morning. I'm taking all my vitamins and calcium 3x day (at least 2 hours after vitamins). I'm getting around 50mg (sometimes more) of protein a day. I'm drinking nothing bu****er, and getting at least 64 oz a day, sometimes more. This leg stuff just started a few days ago. It woke me up in the middle of the night. It's been almost every night since then. I use bananas in protein shakes, which I get at least once a day. Between some tylenol and a heating pad, I get some relief from the pain, but it'd be nice to not have the pain at all, or at least know what's causing it so if I'm doing something wrong, I can fix it. Help please! 

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Are you stretching your legs before bed and several times during the day? The one my boys used when they had growing pains were to stand on the balls of their feet on our bottom step and then try and touch their heels to the floor while keeping their feet on the stair tread. They did that many times a day when the muscle cramps were especially frequent. Have you tried increasing your water? Do you walk and stretch as part of your exercise routine?

Beyond that-no advice other than to call your doctor. But having suffered leg cramps in the past, I certainly send you my sympathy and hope you find a solution SOON!


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Ohhh I soooo hope you get some good answers/advice!!  I, too, suffer from nitely leg cramps and they are painful!!  I had these prior to surgery tho too.  I have actually passed flat out from them twice.  Went to PCP and he said all was well...bloodwork was fine...drink more (orange juice, potatoe chips etc.....) none of these can I do now.  I am faithful to my supplements as well.  Help please!!!



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I had to add potassium, magnesium and calcium supplements to stop my feet and calves from cramping...



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It could be electrolytes, dehydration, various causes including potassium, magnesium, calcium.  I suffer with them too, usually it's not getting in enough liquids and it's worse if I wear heals that day and not drink enough.

Drink some dill pickle juice, I'm serious it works, lol. 

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I woke up with cramps in my left foot last night and ankle. I will drink the pickle juice.I had to walk it off. 

Mary Catherine
on 10/30/13 2:14 am

A few years ago I was in a training class in the evenings and having problems staying awake.  I started chugging 5-hour energy drinks.  That caused my a lot of pain in my calves during the day and really bad leg cramps at night.

To relieve the night cramps, reach down and pull your toes toward your knees.  Sometimes it was too hard to reach and grab my toes and I would push my legs against a wall until I got the right angle. The pain goes away immediately. 

Check your caffeine use.  Giving up caffeine completely eliminated the leg pain for me.

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i also suggest doing the stretching, mine have been acting up from doing so much dancing, in fact i have grounded myself from dancing for 2 weeks to let them rest, go get a massage if you can, that is what is helping me alot, see if you have a massage school close by, my massage school has the public come in and get massages for just 20.00

one stretch i am doing is, stand on the leg that is hurting, place the other one in front of that one like your holding yourself when you have to use the bathroom like  NOW, then bend down to as close the floor as you can get, i do this between 2 chairs as i dont have the balance needed, then switch legs, this is a very long stretch for the whole back of the leg, just go down slowly and hold for as long as you can. good luck i feel your pain, but i have been going to massage school and having fellow students work on my legs has helped alot

have a blessed day


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I have problems with my legs due to poor circulation. How's yours? 

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If electrolytes are OK and you are getting enough fluids I would recommend good stretching thru out the day.
Keep in mind as you loose weight your posture and walking/standing gait are changing. This puts different stresses on various postural muscles. As these muscles work harder yo deal with the shifts they will cramp or ache. I noticed this a lot early on... it kind of shifted with changes in my activity. Sometimes calves, sometimes anterior compartment (muscles in the front/along the side of lower leg), sometimes in feet, sometimes back or shoulders. I'm almost 15 months out and still sometimes notice it -usually after trying a new workout or long run on elyptical.