M.O.M is this the go to stuff?

on 9/10/17 9:28 pm
RNY on 08/07/17

I've had the inability to have a BM (sorry TMI) for over a week now. So I went and got some Milk of Mag. I took the recommended 4 tbl dose (this stuff is gross beyond all thought, it was so hard to get down without it coming right back up) I'm really hoping this stuff works for me. I don't feel a build up of gas, or even the need to have a BM.. but I know 1 week is too long, and it's effecting me in other ways.

I constantly feel nausea and I feel full even when I haven't eaten at all. I'm getting down liquids (but I need so much more than the 20z I'm squeezing down, not to mention feeling full 24/7. Lets hope for some good luck here.

on 9/10/17 10:36 pm
RNY on 08/07/17

Almost 2 hours since taking and nothing but tons of nausea. I feel like I have the flu.. Seriously hating this feeling. Think tomorrow I'm going to call my surgeons office and see what they suggest. I'm tired of feeling like I have the flu for almost a week now.

Kat Kat
on 9/11/17 1:43 am, edited 9/10/17 6:44 pm - MD

Early on I had a terrible time with constipation. One of the posters turned me on to the Miracle if "Miralax". I still use it almost every day and mix it in with SF tea and Lemonade Crystal light in the morning with my Vits. It worked perfectly and it does not cause dependency or other issues like laxatives do. It was some of the best advice I got from this forum.

Teena D.
on 9/11/17 4:15 am - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 01/12/17

Miralax is great but if it's been a while you may want to pair it with something. I think the other one is colasce? Someone else will chime in I'm sure. I take senokot but I'm in Canada so I'm not sure if it's the same name down there.

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on 9/11/17 4:36 am
RNY on 06/03/15

that nausea and constantly feeling full even when you haven't eaten could definitely be due to the constipation. I've felt like that when I'm super backed up..

Sometimes I have to take M.O.M. for two nights in a row to get things moving. If you're not seeing results, you should probably call your doctor or surgeon. They may need to intervene...





on 9/11/17 5:01 am
RNY on 02/28/17

I've always used Dulcolax or Miralax when things aren't moving for a while. They seem to work for me.

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on 9/11/17 5:23 am

Miralax 2x a day and stool softer pills...

if that doesn't work, magnesium citrate from the grocery store

you are probably back up sooo bad right now.

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on 9/11/17 5:51 am - OK
RNY on 05/16/16

I use Miralax several times a week, and then Colace gets added when things get backed up. For extreme measures, a bottle of the magnesium citrate will clear anything out!

I find that keeping on top of it makes it easier too... not waiting until there's an issue, but being more proactive... thus the Miralax in my morning water several times a week keeps me happy! (and Miralax has no taste at all and you can add it to just about anything!)

MOM is a no-go for me... that stuff is just plain nasty, and really didn't work for me.

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on 9/11/17 10:24 am
RNY on 08/07/17

Well after 6 hours it appears the plumbing finally broke through the dam. My husband was laughing his butt off because the only thing you could hear from me was enough gas to probably fill a tank and sighs of happiness that business was happening.

Before this I honestly felt no gas, and did not feel overly bloated and no feeling like I had to go. But after MoM kicked in, I never knew that passing so much gas could feel so amazingly wonderful. (Sorry for the TMI) And while I'm sore in places I don't need to talk about. I feel so much better right now then I did. I'm going to get me some miralax because choking down Milk of Mag was almost as bad as that salty water they have you chug to clean you out. I never want to have to have that stuff again.

Thank you all for the suggestion, I'm going to see about getting some Miralax now because I don't want this happening again. Feeling sick 24/7, nausea and not able to eat was the worst.

on 9/11/17 12:54 pm
RNY on 03/29/17 with

And after all that success... GET ON THE SCALE!!!!

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