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I am in week 2 of Couch 2 5K but I am completely exhausted all the time. My question is: should I be increasing orotein intake due to physical activity? Is there a typical benchmark of how much protein is recommended based on sctivity?

Disclaimer: I have not been active over the last year and especially prior to the last couple weeks.

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You are pretty far out.. so a couple of questions- are you trying to lose or maintain? Many people say don't add back in your exercise calories. It can be a slippery slope of estimating too many, especially if you are trying to lose. If you are maintaining and I assume this tiredness has come on and the same time as running... may want to add a carb to your protein around 45 minutes before running, and/or drink a whey protein shake or eat a protein after running. Carb aids performance and Post workout protein aids recovery. I also sometimes have BCAAs... which are shown to help muscle recovery.

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I am actually trying to lose 40 lbs of regain. I will try the protein afterwards and see if that helps. Thank you!!

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Ok. I am a runner too. I typically do halfs and am on my third attempt at a full marathon. And an avid exerciser. I am trying to lose NOW about 11 lbs of regain.

So-if I read correctly, you are on your second week of training. So you maybe are running and/or walking maybe 1-2 miles every other day? This is something new to your body. It is a new form of wear and tear and in the beginning it typically is tiring and hard.

IMO-which is only worth $0.02 since I am a fellow runner, not a nutritionist and not an exercise physiologist is that YOU NEED REST. Like go to bed earlier if possible and sleep in on your REST/OFF running day. Your body needs rest to repair from the new form of strain. On your off days if you MUST exercise, then do yoga and other forms of stretching (which prevent tightness and help with form and over-use injuries).

But going to bed early, putting your feet up and even dosing is going to help with the tiredness more than the food will.

Towards the end of training for halfs and fulls we have something called "taper" weeks where we run less miles and rest more to repair and be in top form for the race.

Half and full running programs ALWAYS give you a rest day before your long run and the day after (which typically happens every saturday).

The answer is REST..not more food (provided your protein intake is in the normal range).

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"It can be a slippery slope of estimating too many, especially if you are trying to lose"

-What she said.

RNY Surgery: 12/31/2013; 

Current weight (2/27/2015) 139lbs, ~14% body fat

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Are you running outside? It has been hot so make sure you are upping your water intake. I also run. Sometimes I have to either drink a shake, eat peaunts or yogurt right before I run. My body was looking for a low carb/protein mix to burn is at the beginning of the run and then after I run I get tuna or something with high protein I can easily eat right afterI finish. I have found that those 2 things helped me out a lot when I felt like I was going to tank at the beginning of my runs. I also keep my water intake Very high. And like someone mentioned already - You are going to need the extra sleep to perform well. I hope some of our suggestions help. I am sorry it is challenging for you right now. I also eat 70 - 100 grams of protein a day. My body does not absorb it well and I have been low in protein since the beginning.

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