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on 4/16/12 2:45 pm
Topic: RE: Epidural before surgery?
Thank you all for your replies. You've really put my mind at ease. I think it's the unknown that is scary. Please keep your fingers crossed for me : )
on 4/16/12 5:06 am
Topic: RE: Epidural before surgery?
I'm having the op open and they said this was the best way to administer the pain meds. The nurse I spoke with said that they keep you in up to a week post op to reduce the risk of complications which seems a little long to me based on most peoples experiences here but you can be released sooner if you make a quick recovery

Think i will be climbing the Walls if I'm there 7 days!
on 4/16/12 12:59 am
Topic: RE: Epidural before surgery?
Thank you all for your responses. I think because its my first surgery i'm imagining the worst and everyone keeps saying the epidural and cathetar won't be as bad as I think they will be

Fingers crossed they're right!
on 4/15/12 9:10 pm
Topic: RE: Epidural before surgery?
Morning all

I have my surgery in two days and i'm surprisingly calm but I do have two issues. I'm going to raise them tomorrow when I go for my pre-op fragmin injections but was wondering if anyone had a similar experience?

Before I go down to surgery I have to have an epidural inserted so that when I come round my pain meds can be administered this way for the first 4/5 days. Is this common practice? I mentioned it to the nurse at my pre-op assessment and she said it was nothing to worry about but since i've never had an epidural before i'm starting to panic about how much this is going to hurt? Can they not do the epidural once i'm under?

And speaking of being under I have the lovely experience of having a cathetar fitted (also first time!) and i'm starting to freak out about this. Obviously going to the toilet after the op is going to be difficult but do you think it would be possible to ask if this can be foregone and try and go to the loo myself when i wake up and if needs be have one fitted later or do i just have to accept my fate? :(
on 4/15/12 9:05 pm
Topic: RE: had epidural on Thursday and pain is almost gone
That is wondeful news. Fingers crossed everything continues to go well for you!
on 4/6/12 5:23 am
Topic: RE: My 4 month anniversary today and...
Omg that is absolutely amazing! Way to go!
on 4/5/12 5:57 pm
Topic: RE: So you take 14 vials of blood and are shocked when i faint?
I'm 25 and haven't ever had anything wrong with me so far besides regular colds so never needed any blood tests until I started my pre-op testing. We don't have physicals in England unless you have symptoms of some kind I believe. That or my general practitioner is really bad at notifying me about them lol

Suppose I better get used to them for all the lab work I'm going to need in the coming years
on 4/5/12 3:01 am
Topic: RE: First day of pre op liquid diet
I was supposed to start liquid diet yesterday for 14 days but started it on 1st April to get a head start so am technically on day 5 and I agree with David, it does get easier.

I've been trying to keep busy with work and exam revision, cleaning the house etc to take my mind off it and i'm actually surprised how UNhungry I am.

Generally by day 3/4 on a diet I would have fallen off the wagon by now but I think because I have the op in my sights it's giving me the extra determination.

Hang in there, it will go quickly
on 4/4/12 9:38 pm
Topic: RE: Two weeks!
Hi Shelly

I am also scheduled for 18th April. Only 13 days to go!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope we both come through this ok

Please keep us updated with your progress, we'll probably have lots of the same questions post-op!
on 4/4/12 9:23 pm
Topic: RE: So you take 14 vials of blood and are shocked when i faint?
I went for my pre-op assessment yesterday and am all cleared for surgery on 18th April (woop woop) and part of the assessment needed 3 vials of blood.

I'm also taking part in a study by one of the consultants at the hospital to try and find out if there is something in the stomache that can lead to obesity which requires frequent measurements, blood tests and stool samples pre and post surgery.

So the consultant says to me i'll take the 3 vials for your pre-op assessment when I take my blood samples to save sticking you twice and I thought great. Prior to all these pre-op tests the last time I had blood taken I was 5 and I fainted and have been really worried about ever having to have a blood test but the three I had up until yesterday were pain and faint free.

So I sit down in his chair and he takes the 3 vials out of my left arm, blood is a bit slow coming out but I get through it and then he starts taking more vials out for his sample. 1, 2, 3...I jokingly say "you don't need the full box do you?" "No" He replies. 4, 5, 6... Yeah, he didn't need the WHOLE box, he left 2 in there!

So i'm sat with the needle still in my arm and another 13 vials on the table and I start getting a little hot and then a lot hot and then a lot dizzy and before you know it i'm outta there! Two nurses start fanning me to bring me round and I walk next door to lie down on a bed for 5 minutes.

Consultant walks in with his 11 vials and says "let's give it another go" and he tries and gets 1 vial out of 1 vein and then has to move to back of my hand and then inside of the other arm and so on.

Ended up being stuck 8 times and he still only managed to get 14 of the 16 vials he needed! He looked so disappointed I kept apologising for taking so long and causing such a scene.

So today i'm black and blue and my left arm is aching like a b*tch! Moral of the story, consultants are fab at their jobs but leave the blood letting to the vampires!
on 3/29/12 9:15 pm
Topic: RE: Dietician says NO protein shakes?!?!
Thank you so much for your detailed reply. The ricotta cheese and tomato sauce sounds lovely. I'll have to remember that

Your reasoning is exactly what I was thinking.

Like I previously said I can appreciate that every surgeon's plan is different and I'm not going to just completely disregard his plan (he's the expert afterall!) and take strangers advice off the internet but you guys have been there, done that and a lot of you seem to know what you're talking about and my own research backs up my understanding that you need at least 60g of protein a day

I am going to raise it again and hopefully the dietician gave me a better understanding of why they don't recommend shakes in the beginning. Once i'm transferred to mushees and then regular food I'll hopefully be able to get all the protein in from foods alone but I don't want to jeopardise my recovery and hair(!) in the beginning

Kim - you said you never had supplements, do you have any other tips for me on how I can increase my protein without the shakes?
on 3/29/12 6:23 am
Topic: RE: Dietician says NO protein shakes?!?!
Thank you all for your comments and advice. I want to be successful with this so will follow my surgeons advice the best I can but since we need the 60-80 grams of protein per day I don't see how else to get it in of you can't get it from food alone? I'll mention it again at my pre-op assessment for further clarification
on 3/29/12 5:11 am
Topic: RE: Dietician says NO protein shakes?!?!
Apparently they have TOO much protein in them? What's that about.?

I know from all my research that every surgeons plan is different and mine has you straight on purees two or three days post op (thank god there's no liquid stage!) but when I went to see the dietician yesterday I was really shocked

They want you to have:

6 portions of protein a day e.g.
200ml milk
1oz pureed chicken
50g cheese triangle
2oz grated cheese
1 probiotic drink
1 yoghurt

(all 1 portion)

2 portions of fruit e.g. tbsp of pureed banana/strawberries/raspberries (1 portion per tbsp)

2 portions of veg e.g tbsp of pureed carrott/cauliflower/beans (1 portion per tbsp)

and 2 portions of carbs e.g. 1 tbsp pureed potato/1 tbsp of pureed sweetcorn (1 portion per tbsp)

When I asked the dietician how the 6 portions of protein per day could possibly fulfill my protein needs (i was under the impression you need 60-80 grams a day) she said not worry, i'll get it all in

Now forgive me if I am wrong but if 200ml of milk is approx 6g of protein and 1oz pureed chicken is 6g even if i had 3 of each that's only 36g!

I asked if I could supplement the protein by adding protein powder to my milk (20g per scoop x 2 a day) and she said no, it's too much protein

I'm seriously worried if I stick with their recommendations then for the first 6 weeks of the pureed diet i'm going to be seriously lacking in protein which won't help my recovery?

I know we should follow our surgeons guidelines as best we can but can anyone see a problem with me adding two scoops of protein powder to my two portions of milk per day?
on 3/29/12 5:04 am
Topic: RE: 3 1/2 Months Out with Pics
Wow what a huge transformation already! Congratulations and keep up the awesome work! :D
on 3/28/12 1:23 am
Topic: RE: Gas pains with open surgery?
Thanks for the replies guys

Kalyssa - on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your pain from the surgery? Obviously its subjective. I've never had a child so can't compare to that but I have a pretty high pain threshhold
on 3/27/12 10:26 pm
Topic: RE: Gas pains with open surgery?
Good afternoon all

Don't get much time to post but i'm still lurking around and learning new things every day

Anyways, found out on Monday that I have a date!! Woop woop! 18th April - 21 days to goooo!

Question - I know when you have the op laproscopically they pump you full of air so they can see everything which can cause the dreaded gas pains....i'm assuming if you have the op open you wouldn't have this? Slap me if i'm being dumb

on 3/10/12 10:45 pm
Topic: RE: Chance of Dying
Thank you for your post Larry

I posted a topic along the same lines about a week ago and everyone's responses were wonderful but it's always there in the back of my head. Posts like this and everyone's "I made it!" posts really give me faith that I too will come through this

Question: Do you think you've got more chance of dying at a lower weight with co-morbidities or a higher weight with none?
on 3/7/12 8:18 pm, edited 3/7/12 8:18 pm
Topic: RE: Back from a long time away
Hi Nicole

I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl and am sending positive vibes your way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything turns out ok in the end

I'm based in England so can't really recommend a specific protein brand but my partner is into body building and he drinks protein shakes daily but choses the 'bulk up' kind?

They tend to have more calories than the lower calorie ones most post-ops drink so this could be a way of getting more calories in per day instead of force feeding yourself food?

I hope you manage to get the weight loss under control. I bet when you started this journey you never thought being underweight would be a problem!

Sending you lots of hugs

on 3/7/12 8:14 pm
Topic: RE: I have 180 reasons to be thankful

What a motivational post! 

I love reading about everyone's success stories but it gives me inspiration when I see people start out on this journey around my weight and how far they have come.

It's also comforting hearing how everyone would do it again in a heartbeat.

I wish you continued success and happiness in your life

on 3/7/12 8:07 pm
Topic: RE: Still in the hospital
I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time, I can imagine being stuck in the hospital isn't making you feel any better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your quick recovery and that the heart beat picks up...let's hope you're home soon
on 3/7/12 4:46 pm
Topic: RE: Heartfelt Thanks To All
Congratulations! I love seeing the fresh post-op posts confirming everything went well, gives me hope

It's also good to hear that you're not having much pain. I'm also having mine open and am starting to freak out about the pain levels!

Keep us updated
on 3/7/12 3:53 pm
Topic: RE: Inards falling out after open surgery?
These are the random thoughts that go through my head when I'm waiting for 5 o'clock finish to come!

Thank you all for your replies. It makes sense that the inside will be reinforced with multiple sutures I guess it's the outer layer that i'm most worried about.

Does anyone know if you're required to wear some kind of binding post op? I'm thinking along the lines of a corset type device?
on 3/7/12 1:06 am
Topic: RE: Inards falling out after open surgery?
Afternoon all

Random worry of the day. I'm having my RNY open and notice that when I sit down I have a huge roll of fat right where the incision is going to be. After they've stitched me up how are the stitches going to stay in when my tummy tucks over itself???

If anyone who had open surgery can answer this question I'd be eternally grateful.

I have visions of waking up, getting out of bed for a walk and when it comes to getting back down the stitches pinging out all over the place and all my inards spilling out!

Think i'm going to need some serious reinforcement!
on 3/4/12 8:04 pm
Topic: RE: totally confused over gallbladders =why not take actigall to prevent removal?
I'm still pre-op but I know that when I do have the RNY my surgeon is taking mine out at the same time. This could be because I'm having it done open rather than laproscopically so he figures "while i'm in there" ...it does make little sense to be fully recovered or just about fully recovered and then need to have another surgery so soon after but they must have their reasons?
on 3/1/12 1:09 am
Topic: RE: NervI ous...
You are all so lucky. When I had my gastroscopy last October they didn't give me anything to knock me out/make me unawares, just a bit of numbing spray at the back of my throat

I was awake through the whole and remember everything and whilst it wasn't the most pleasant experience it wasn't traumatising or anything, just a bit uncomfortable

Hopefully they'll give you some nice drugs and everything will go smoothly. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x
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