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Father Don
on 10/21/15 4:50 pm - Charleston, SC
Topic: RE: Surgery

Try one ounce (Medicine cup full) every 5 minutes - no more that that. too much water will make you hurt - little bits at a time. Same with Protein.

Obesity Help Support Group Leader

on 9/26/15 8:25 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery

I hope things are better with you.  I am still waiting to have my first meeting. My sister had bypass 18 months ago in GA and she tell me all bout what is going on with her. She has lost over 100lb and is at IBW for 6 months. Hope to hear something soon almost 2 months.

April Parker
on 9/24/15 9:13 am - Gaffney, SC
RNY on 06/20/16
Topic: Had my first appointment

My first bariatric appt at Dr Paul Ross' office went well.  The next appointment is my first MWL visit.  Im a little worried because I dont have a job yet. And for me to go through with the surgery I have to pay some things out of pocket. But I know I'll try my hardest to find a job. Wish me luck!

April Parker
on 9/11/15 1:36 am - Gaffney, SC
RNY on 06/20/16
Topic: RE: First Choice Medicaid

I attended my seminar and got the answers I needed. I have to complete the 6 months weight management, attend behavior modification classes and dietician classes, and my ins does cover everything but the therapy $250 and the 6 month behavioral/dietician classes $210. Heres to the first step of becoming a new me! I wanna see if I can become a jogger/runner! 

April Parker
on 9/2/15 7:02 pm - Gaffney, SC
RNY on 06/20/16
Topic: First Choice Medicaid

Hey y'all! I saw on here where they were talking about the First Choice Medicaid. I researched and it seems First Choice does cover the gastric sleeve. But I am opting for RNY anyway. I think. Once I go to my seminar on the 9th I will know more. When I signed up for the seminar, the first question I asked was "Will First Choice Medicaid cover my sugery?" She then asked me my height and weight, and told me I autimatically qualify because my BMI was over 40. I told her I had at least one and maybe two co-morbidities and she said no worries, you qualify with just your BMI. She also led me to believe that since this was the case, I did not have to complete the 6 months of documented dieting and exercise. I have heard that the Surgeon I have chosen, Dr. Paul Ross, will require 6 weeks but not six months. Does anyone have anything to say about this? Ive heard so many different stories its hard to tell.

Kim Gyurina, OH Staff
on 6/24/15 10:43 am, edited 6/24/15 11:11 am - Irvine, CA
Topic: New Hotel Booking information for NC Conference in October!

Hello friends!

We have had such great response from people booking hotel rooms for our Raleigh Conference, that our initial room block at the Embassy Suites sold out!  We now have an overflow hotel nearby that is running a shuttle specific for our conference, from 5 am to midnight. This is in addition to their 24 hour airport shuttle. Info is below, and the last day to book is 9/15/15! Tell your friends!  

We have set up an additional room block at Hyatt Place, a half-mile from the Airport and 4.5 miles from the Conference venue. Hyatt Place offers a complimentary shuttle to the airport and Conference.

See you there! 

Kim Gyurina, OH Staff
on 6/2/15 2:51 pm - Irvine, CA
Topic: NC Conference Hotel Room Block is SOLD OUT! Watch here for new booking information within two days!

So many people are excited to join their friends at the North Carolina OH Conference, that we have completely sold out of our guest room block. The good new is, they have a sister hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, that we are working with to provide new booking information within the next two days. 


Please keep watching here for further details to appear!   

on 5/31/15 6:23 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery

You're doing great. You're sore and you should be. Hang in there better days are just around the bend. Just keep increasing your water intake and soon you will be getting it all in. 


on 5/29/15 7:15 pm - UNION, SC
Topic: Surgery

My surgery was done this past tuesday.,may 26.I'm still sore and have pain.It seem almost impossible to get the water and protein down.I won't give up.I will do everything I can to succeed. I've come to far to turn around.


Kathy S.
on 5/5/15 2:29 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
Topic: ObesityHelp Conference Speakers: OH2015 Saturday Sessions

We are excited to announce our OH2015 ObesityHelp Conference speakers for the Saturday Sessions. In addition to a great line up of speakers, this year we have added more fitness activities to the conference schedule.

Make sure to stop by and learn more about both our Friday and Saturday speakers and their sessions. We continue to add more details to the OH2015 agenda, so keep checking!

Join us in Raleigh, NC, October 16th & 17th for two jammed pack days of education, support and celebration! Reserve Your Tickets NOW

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