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Kim Gyurina, OH Staff
on 6/2/15 2:51 pm - Irvine, CA
Topic: NC Conference Hotel Room Block is SOLD OUT! Watch here for new booking information within two days!

So many people are excited to join their friends at the North Carolina OH Conference, that we have completely sold out of our guest room block. The good new is, they have a sister hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn, that we are working with to provide new booking information within the next two days. 


Please keep watching here for further details to appear!   

on 5/31/15 6:23 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery

You're doing great. You're sore and you should be. Hang in there better days are just around the bend. Just keep increasing your water intake and soon you will be getting it all in. 


on 5/29/15 7:15 pm - UNION, SC
Topic: Surgery

My surgery was done this past tuesday.,may 26.I'm still sore and have pain.It seem almost impossible to get the water and protein down.I won't give up.I will do everything I can to succeed. I've come to far to turn around.


Kathy S.
on 5/5/15 2:29 am - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with
Topic: ObesityHelp Conference Speakers: OH2015 Saturday Sessions

We are excited to announce our OH2015 ObesityHelp Conference speakers for the Saturday Sessions. In addition to a great line up of speakers, this year we have added more fitness activities to the conference schedule.

Make sure to stop by and learn more about both our Friday and Saturday speakers and their sessions. We continue to add more details to the OH2015 agenda, so keep checking!

Join us in Raleigh, NC, October 16th & 17th for two jammed pack days of education, support and celebration! Reserve Your Tickets NOW

on 4/24/15 12:32 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery Approved

I will be having it in Augusta Ga at GRU

on 4/24/15 3:20 am - UNION, SC
Topic: RE: Surgery Approved

Where will you have your surgery?Congrats to you.Start my optifast tomorrow.


on 4/23/15 12:13 pm
Topic: RE: Surgery Approved


on 4/17/15 3:23 am
Topic: RE: Surgery Approved

SC board isn't very active so glad to see a post. Congratulations on getting a surgery date.

on 4/9/15 3:39 am - UNION, SC
Topic: Surgery Approved

I got my surgery approved april 7,2015.My surgery is scheduled for may 26,2015 at Hillcrest mememorial hospital in Simpsonville,SC.I'm so excited.


Kim Gyurina, OH Staff
on 3/27/15 12:44 am - Irvine, CA
Topic: Early Bird Savings ends today

Looking for a get-away....go to our OH National Conference in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina.  The NC State Fair is happening at the same time as the Conference so you can do both.  Early Bird discount ends TODAY.