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on 5/25/14 4:44 am - North Augusta, SC
Topic: RE: SC Medicaid...Gastric Bypass...Approval?

Just wondering if the 6 month medically supervised diet is required by bluechoice?

on 2/2/14 3:54 am
Topic: RE: Any suggestions on surgeons near ft mill sc

I am in the process of getting approved from ins. But several friends have gone to  piedmont for wls espinal and bo, are suppose to be amazing surgeons. I met with both and I am really confident and comfortable with them doing my surgery.


on 12/6/13 12:32 pm - Lugoff, SC
Topic: RE: State of SC Insurance Study

That is what I had found out as well.  but I don't feel like i can wait any longer on a maybe/no.  It will take our legislators to change what is covered by our plan.  Meanwhile, all those co morbities that the plan does cover that would have to be tested for by C.O.E. (riverside surgical) I am making sure my PCP sent me for my tests. And now i have confirmed my Sleep apnea. One less thing to self pay on. 

on 12/6/13 11:23 am - Lugoff, SC
Topic: RE: State employee

I too am a State employee.  no coverage.  I also am looking into going to Dr Aceves in Mexicali. I have not firmed up a date because I have to wait for June 2014 before I can have funding.  I was told the same price. I had spent some time on making list of Drs that I was interested in.  I send out inquiry emails to them. and Dr Aceves' person is the only one that has gotten back to me.  That in itself means a lot to me.   I also work in Columbia.

on 10/30/13 1:55 am - SC
Topic: RE: Needing Medicaid Approval Advice

Please feel free to contact Dr. Morris Washington's office at 843-347-3900 or attend his upcoming seminar for more information.  visit for more information.  

on 10/30/13 1:53 am - SC
Topic: RE: Myrtle Beach

Dr. Morris Washington's office does offer a very good support group and I apologize if you were not called back. Effie Aukerland, his dietitian does a great job.  The next two for the year will be -

  • November 19, 2013- How NOT to Gain Weight Over the Holidays & How to Reduce Stress
  • December 17, 2013- Year End Celebration & Cooking Demonstration

You can go to his website to sign up or get more information -


on 10/10/13 2:10 am - SC
Topic: Myrtle Beach

We r looking for a support group in the Myrtle Beach area for DH...found one in Conway but no one called him back!!  Maybe start a new one?  Any ideas?

on 10/8/13 8:50 pm - Graniteville, SC
Topic: Needing Medicaid Approval Advice
Hi...I was just approved for Medicaid and so in desperate need of weight loss surgery but don't even know how to or even where to begin. I have Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure and Diabetic Neuropathy and have to use a cane to stabilize my balance and I'm only 43! Someone pease help me! TIA
on 10/8/13 12:59 pm - Graniteville, SC
on 7/1/13 11:42 am
VSG on 08/05/13 with
Topic: RE: State employee

I am having the sleeve.    I would love to meet you sometime.   I will send you a message.