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Water aerobics in Fort Worth area

on 1/5/08 8:31 am - TX
Hello!  I'm trying to get my mom who lives in the SW portion of Fort Worth into water aerobics.  She is overweight and has bad osteo arthritis. Can anyone suggest a class/gym/natatorium that would has good water aerobics? Losing weight would help but it's a catch 22 situation that anything with minimal impact on the joints makes it worse.  Water aerobics could be the answer. Thanks!
Ann P.
on 1/6/08 1:00 am
I know that many of the Fort Worth YMCA's have water aerobics.  You may want to check out the Benbrook Y: ction=Page&PageID=1000680
on 1/6/08 12:19 pm - Fort Worth, TX
RNY on 05/14/07 with
Fitness For Her, on Hulen has water aerobics.
on 1/6/08 1:53 pm - DFW, TX
Huguley Hospital has different types of water aerobics.... they have an arthritis one, and then a few with different intensities.

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