In search of a good Hospital for my tummy tuck/Military TRICARE/Medically Necessary

on 8/22/13 7:26 am - Fort Lewis, WA

Hello everybody, the Military just moved us to Fort Lee, VA and now I am trying to find a good Hospital that can take care of my medically necessary tummy tuck.

I had my Gastric Bypass in 2011 at the Madigan Army Medical Hospital in WA and before leaving the area I had an appointment with my surgeon. He told me that I could receive a tummy tuck without charge since it is medically necessary to remove all the  lose skin that I have (at least 15 to 18 pounds worth).

I am starting to have a lot of back pain and I need to get it done as soon as possible.

I am usually pretty scared when it comes to Hospitals so I am looking for a Clinic/Hospital where the staff incl. the Doctors are friendly and have good bedside manors. Of course the Hospital has to except TRICARE as well!

Can anybody on this message board recommend a good Hospital and a very good surgeon?

Thank you for any help in this matter!

Stacey N.
on 9/2/13 11:58 am - Chesapeake, VA

With all the current changes you may have to pay for it out of pocket. Tricare is not approving most anything unless you are ready to fight tooth and nail for it. I am having my TT in 1 day at Naval Med Portsmouth but had to pay out of pocket even though mine was "medically necessary" also. Good Luck in your search.

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