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As i read this board, i notice that some people take Flintstone Chewable Vitamins.  I was specifically told by my surgeon that Flintstones were NOT acceptable.  Does anyone know why some of us are permitted to take them and some cannot?  I am having real problems getting the chewable "adult" vitamins down (Beriatric Advantage).  They are very gritty (to me, anyway) and the taste leaves much to be desired. Are there any others that taste better...give the same amount of nutriants that we require...and are not gritty?  I know some of you have been through many brands in your search for palatable foods, suppliments, protein,  etc.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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I have Dr Cirangle and he said 2 Flinstones, one in the morning and one in the evening is plenty.  It says on the bottle "Adult dose is 2 chews.   Lot's of people prefer the Flinstone Gummies.  Blow Kiss 

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Thanks.  I have an appointment with my surgeon this Wednesday and i will ask him again.
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My program also recommends Flintstone Chewable vitamins, 2 daily. Char10
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I'd ask your surgeon why s/he doesn't think Flintstones will be adequate. As for me I'm taking Natures Plus Adult Chewables and really enjoy the pineapple flavor. I also found a chewy raspberry B-12 supplement that tastes great. Hope this helps! Kristen
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I couldn't handle the Flintstones.   I use Centrum Chewables and I can now switch over to regular vitamins when these run out. CArole

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 HAHA Flinstone Chewable Vitamins!? I use to eat that all the time when I was young, I loved them. I use to eat them like candy (which is probably not a good thing...). I don't know the answer to your question, but do they make Flinstone Vitamins for adults? I ask because vitamins for kids wouldn't meet the daily requirements of an adult.. Just a thought.
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My doc says Flinstones are perfectly fine.  I take one in the morning and another in the evening.  I wonder why your doc doesn't want u to have them...hmmmm.
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on 4/11/08 8:44 am - OK
Hmmmm, makes me wonder if the doctors that work with a nutrition store maybe don't like the vitamins we can get a walmart or wherever.  I'm glad to see this information because today I sampled the bariatric vitamin while I was at the bariatric hospital for my appts.  It was NASTY.  I would much rather take a couple of Flinstones morning and evening than do that nasty stuff.

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My surgeon also recommends Flintstones vitamins, specifically Flintstones Complete.  Two a day, one with breakfast, one with dinner.  They don't have to be made "for adults," my surgeon says thats why we take two. 
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