on 1/21/09 12:22 pm - sterlington, LA
Hi, I had a ct scan the other day because I was hurting on the left side of my lower back and thought it was kidney stones. I also had blood in my urine. The doc says the test didnt show a stone but that I had a fatty liver. I asked him what I should do and he said losing weight should help it. Has anyone else been told they have a fatty liver? I dont know much about it or how kidney stones affect you. My back will hurt sorta like cramping and then it mayu not do it again till the next day. It first started last wednesday. I still think its a stone and its to small to see. Anybody else ever had these issues? I would greatly appreciate your help. PS He didnt associate my back pain with fatty liver. Thats just another thing the scan picked up on. Thanks, Joan
on 1/21/09 12:32 pm, edited 1/21/09 12:32 pm
I had a fatty liver, and it's weird my mother said she had the same thing and her doctor said it was probably because she was taking the Omega 3 fish oil.  I was also taking about 6 pills of Omega 3 fish oil pills.  I asked my doctor and she said that she never heard of that and I even researched on the web and found nothing that connected the two but I decided to stop taking the fish oil to see and my next labs should that my liver enzymes had gone down to normal.  So I don't know what to make of that.  Also if you drink, stop drinking for a while, that helps.  And, losing weight will definetly help.  I did not have any back pain however.  If you feel it is a stone, trust your gut (ha ha) and maybe get a second opinion.

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on 1/21/09 12:49 pm - Australia
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My pre-op ultrasound showed a fatty liver and on my pre-op bloods my C-reactive protein (CRP) was elevated which apparently can be indicative of an inflammotory response due to the fatty liver. Haven't had the ultrasound repeated but my CRP at 12 months was greatly reduced.
on 1/21/09 3:42 pm
I was told 3 years ago that I had a fatty live but the Doc didnt seem to think it was a big deal. I have since heard that it can be a big deal.

I have gained a lot since then so I assume it will only be worse.

I will be taking a lot of test next week to see how I am looking as far as all the medical numbers.
on 1/21/09 6:34 pm
I also have fatty liver. (non-alcholic cirrosis) On this site under something new---there is an article on fatty liver or you can probably do a 'serch' on THIS site and you should find more info. My liver enzymes were elevated is how my Dr. knew. (blood test) It can definetly turn into a problem down the road if not taken seriously. Losing weight  does resolve this issue. I hope my sleeve helps me with this issue!
on 1/21/09 6:39 pm
BTW: I bet your fatty liver has greatly improved with your 40 lb weight loss!! Also MOST people overweight do have fatty liver. again not to be taken lightly but weight loss is what greatly improves and can resolve fatty liver.   Keep losing!!!!!  :)
on 1/21/09 11:26 pm
I think it would be safe to say that just about everyone here has or had a fatty live prior to surgery.  Because it is so common my doctor takes a liver biopsy while doing the procedure.  Also, that is why most doctors make you do the pre-surgery diets to shrink the liver somewhat.  It is the only thing in the way of the stomach when doing it lapraroscopically.  A fatty liver is also very slippery another reason for the pre-surgery diet.   It should go away with each pound we loose,  and it can be a normal liver with the proper diet.