menstrual cycles and weight loss.

on 6/25/09 2:51 pm
I'm a 20yold female about a month post op, and my weight loss isn't at all regular. Week before last I lost 4 pounds, then this week I lost barely one. I am going insane! I couldn't stand to fail at yet another weight loss attempt, esp after I had the surgery!

So I've been thinking about what's different and realized I'm on my period. I had noticed that I haven't lost as quickly when on my period in my earlier preop diet attempts, but I figured that the very small amount I'm eating now would counterbalance this. Has anyone else noticed a coorelation this strong after the sleeve? I just can't stand NOT losing after everything I've just gone through... I get into horrible thinking like, "why eat healthy when it doesn't make any difference?" which I know is bad and destructive...

Any experiences anyone could share would be very, very welcome. :)
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on 6/25/09 3:05 pm - Red Deer, Canada
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It is very common to lose like that...Period or no period...some people lose in chunks...others lose consistantly...I only lose weight about one week a month...and it has been consistantly like that all through this journey for me!
Try to relax...and remember...Your weight didn't come on overnight...and it wont disappear overnight either...Hang in will happen!  Just remember to stick to the the way you should and it will eventually come off.  I know it is hard to be patient...Trust me...I do know...but you will either come to accept it...or you wont work your tool like you should...and we know the ramifications of that.
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on 6/25/09 3:08 pm - Brimley, MI
I tend to weigh more around that time of the month but it's just fluid retention and goes away.  I get the munchies more then too so it's harder for me to stick with it. 
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I also got my VSG when I was 20... and had the exact same issues.  I always weigh more when I'm on my period.  I also tend to feel like I LOOK much heavier... but I try to attribute it all to water retention.

Even if it doesn't feel like it's helping, continue to eat healthy and exercise as much as possible when you're on your period.  It may not appear to be helping at the time, but it still boosts your metabolism... when you're period is over, you'll suddenly feel like you lost a whole lot of weight at one time.

I think it must be harder for us the younger we are when we have the surgery... it's too easy to fall into those thoughts of "this isn't working!"  and I think we are more prone to be irresponsible when it comes to exercise and eating healthy.  Having the surgery while in school (with all the parties, eating out, drinking, whatever) STINKS!

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on 6/25/09 5:57 pm - CA
Aloha TLW- VERY strong correlation here.

Your cycle will likely be impacting you every month til you reach menopause- VSG or no VSG- which is why it's so important to NOT  freak out over daily gains/losses and instead look at the big picture over the entire journey. It's impossible to lose pounds of fat overnight (unless you are having liposuction)  but very easy to gain/lose water weight. Your overall weight will change during the day depending on hydration status, whether you've had a BM, amount of sodium (=water) retained, and hormonal influences. So try and relax about these small ups and downs- look at weekly or even monthly figures, even better is measuring yourself weekly or monthly.
We get very addicted to seeing those numbers drop quickly, and then very frustrated as losses slow or stall. You WILL continue to lose! Stay on track- protein, exercise, water, restrict refined carbs/bread/rice/pasta, get your vitamins in- and you will lose.

Interestingly I thought I had hit menopause last year- I had been skipping periods every other month for 2 years and when they stopped 5 months post VSG, I figured that was it for me. I was even getting hot flashes nightly- rippin' sweaty ones that made me tear off my shirt, much to my husband's delight and my kids' mortification. Turns out it was probably just the rapid weight loss and revved metabolic rate that stopped my periods-  they returned 2 months ago after being absent for 7 months. I also found that I was hungry for the first time since surgery- maybe hungry isn't the right term, but I was definitely craving sweet stuff for an entire day...and when I got my period  seven days later, I knew it was good old PMS returning.

Use other motivational tools than the scale if this leads to destructive eating behaviors. Measurements, side by side photos, fashion shows through your closet of clothes you couldn;'t wear a month ago, improved fitness on one of the machines...these will all help when the scale doesn;t cooperate. Remember- you want to lose FAT, no****er or muscle.


on 6/25/09 11:43 pm - New Braunfels, TX
I lose in clumps too just like Ani.  I lose for about 9 or 10 days out of a month then hold water for the rest.  This has been my pattern from the beginning so I don't get upset about it.  Now, just because the scale isn't showing a loss at any given time doesn't mean we aren't losing...the water retention is just masking the fat loss.  And as soon the body is "ready" to release the water then voila a big drop on the scale.  Please don't get discouraged.  I know it is hard to see everyone losing buckets while you're standing still, BUT, you really aren't standing still...your body IS changing everyday.  Good luck, keep your chin up, and eat right.  YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.  BELIEVE IT!!!


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Everyone has given you great advice but I also have to ask if you are using any type of support group.   If there isn't one offered by your doc or surgical centre, then try to come to this website every day or couple of days where you will be surrounded by like minded individuals also going through the same issues as you.

I mention this because you asked THAT question ["why eat healthy when it doesn't make any difference?"]   It is too easy in the early stages while you are still learning healthy post-op patterns to fall back into unhealthy pre-op patterns.   It means a lot to eat healthy becuase you took this step at a young age where you will benefit for the rest of your life so please get support from those around you so you can celebrate your new way of eating and change your thoughts to more positive avenues. 
on 6/26/09 2:45 am - Baltimore
I go through the same thing.  I stall, or even gain a pound or two during my period.  It's so frustrating! lol  I'm on mine right now and I get so mad that I'm eating really healthy and staying very active, yet not losing, or even GAINING a pound.  But I know it will pass in a week or so.

Just hang in there and don't cheat!  When your cycle is over, you will drop the pounds again, unless you cheat.

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on 6/26/09 3:43 am
Thank y'all so much.
I can't say how much better I feel after reading these responses! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who apparently "loses in clumps," and I'll tryyyyy to be patient and not weigh so much. That's probably what I need: to establish how well I'm doing by what I'm eating and how often I exercise, instead of by weight (to an extent).
Again, it's great to see the support this online community can provide. Thanks for helping me see that I'm not crazy!