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alcohol and VSG

on 10/13/09 4:31 pm - TN
I'm pre-op, but I've heard that after bariatric surgery a very small amount of liquor makes you very drunk. I understand alcohol is forbidden post-op for a while. But what happens after a few months? Is it diffrerent with RNY or VSG?
on 10/13/09 5:00 pm
 I can't answer your question because I'm also pre-op VSG...
But would find the answers very interesting!
I always like to have a bit of wine with my family at Christmas...
Ms Shell
on 10/13/09 5:02 pm - Hawthorne, CA
I used to drink ALOT and could out drink or keep up with the best before surgery.  NOW my MAX is usually 2 drinks...

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on 10/13/09 5:09 pm
alcohol is very different after WLS. It goes into your blood stream faster and then it has crazy affects quickly. It is full of empty calories and turns into sugar, so it is not recommended with VSG, only after a yr. and then very moderate.
on 10/13/09 6:01 pm - New York, NY
I love wine and indulge on the weekends.  I have had two different reactions.  First, I was taking two antiacids a day so even getting a buzz was almost impossible.  Now, 4 months out, I take one antiacid a day and do not feel it changes how alcohol effects me at all.  You can enjoy alcohol post surgery but give yourself 6 weeks at least before you drink it.  I don't drink martinis very often as they can kind of burn my stomach. You are not supposed to have cardonated drinks so beer is out.
on 10/13/09 6:16 pm

Every doctor is different in every sense.  I  had a mixed drink about two weeks after surgery and my doctor said it was okay to have one.

on 2/18/14 3:17 pm

It's very dangerous to drink alcohol 6 weeks out. Risk of ulcers not to mention prolonging the healing. 



on 10/13/09 6:29 pm
Glad someone asked this!  I make wine at home from our small vineyard, and besides being a relaxing hobby, i get to enjoy wine for a dollar a bottle that i would have to pay 15 bucks for at the store!  Last year i made a semi-sweet red from our grapes, then ordered must from larger vineyards in the area and in California and made a shiraz, a merlot, a chablis, and a reisling.

LOL as you can see, I make a lot of wine!  But I don't drink a lot...About half stays with us, and half goes out to family and friends, and I've still got wine I made 4 years ago aging in the bottle.

Nice to know that I can have an occasional half-glass with dinner 
on 10/13/09 6:49 pm - TX
I haven't had a drink since being sleeved on 7/31/09. Dr. and Nut said nothing for 1 year. I don't really miss it, but we have blackberries and pears on our place, and my husband has been making the BEST wine for the past 6 years. I may try a sip or two at Thanksgiving.
on 10/13/09 7:45 pm - San Diego, CA
I was in Italy a few weeks ago visiting a vineyard outside of Montalcino which produces Brunello.  The process is a lot more complicated than I ever imagined.  And the fact that they basically remove a good portion of the grapes on the vine and destroy them in order to produce a sweeter grape in the remainder is incredible.    It was the absolute best wine I ever tasted.

Good luck with this year's harvest. 
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on 10/13/09 6:59 pm - San Diego, CA
I didn't drink any alcohol until I was seven months PostOp.  I drink wine and I haven't noticed a difference in my reaction Post Op versus Pre Op.  I don't drink big quantities of wine - just a glass or two with a meal a few times a week.  If I were to try to drink a whole bottle of wine by myself, I'd probably be sloppy drunk. 

I guess the concern is that the alcohol will be absorbed into the blood stream rather quickly in the absense of a stomach and therefore one would not have a warning that they were getting drunk in time to stop. 
Surgeon: Joseph Grzeskiewicz, M.D., F.A.C.S.
La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre
on 10/13/09 7:04 pm - rio dell, CA
VSG on 07/31/07 with
Oh hell i wont lie....I tie one on every once in awhile and yep i get sauced eventually. I cant really say that it affects me any different than before because i have always been either hard to get drunk or easy to get drunk. I was just talking about this with my friend yesterday and we both agree u feel it a lot faster but we have also noticed the affects wear off pretty quick too. I didnt drink til i was well over a year out however......alchohol is very fattening.

All that spirits desire, spirits attain. 


on 10/13/09 7:07 pm - Akron, OH
I have wine or Smirnoff beers on occasion and had my first drink on vacation 1 month post op.  I really cant tell any difference between pre-op and post-op...but then again I normally only drink 1 or 2.  I had forgotten that Smirnoffs had carbonation till several months later, and really dont think an occasional one is hurting me at all.... since I quit all pop and other carbonated beverages...but that has just been my experience. 

*19.6 of the pounds were lost during the 2 week pre-op diet.

on 10/13/09 7:46 pm
I wonder if it's better to eat before you plan on having a drink?  Would it be different on an empty stomach?

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on 10/13/09 8:11 pm
VSG on 03/03/09 with
That whole getting drunk super fast thing has not been my experience at all. I get a buzz faster these days because I weigh less, and I'm more likely to drink on an empty stomach, but i don't metabolize alcohol any differently.

Other people have had different experience, so I think it's different for each individual.


on 10/14/09 12:04 am - Kenner, LA
I have a sister-in-law that had RNY about 4 years ago.  She substituted alcohol for food.  Switched one addiction for another.  I think that is basically what they want you to watch out for.  It does get into your system a lot quicker too!   The best thing would be to ask your doctor.
on 10/14/09 1:09 am - United Arab Emirates

I was a bad drinkre before the op and the same now. Can't say it has stopped me trying and I didn't have a drink for over 5 months post op. Only drink once a week at most but I normally have too much and then go home to bed. The fact that I don't have sleep apneoa or snore anymore makes sleeping and recovery much better and I don't feel as bad the day after can't anyway as kids are not that forgiving to hangovers.

Back off to England this weekend for a Football game (soccer) with my friends and I'm sure we will over indulge.

Running over 25 should make up for the bad cals and beer is only cold vegatable soup which is recomended.


on 10/14/09 1:49 am - NorCal, CA
I have found that I feel it faster and goes away faster. I don't drink much since surgery. I drank a lot more before. I do allow myself an occasional beer even though it is carbonated and as long as I drink it slow I don't have any problems with it.
on 10/14/09 3:23 am - Four Corners, NM
on 10/14/09 3:27 am - Northern, CA
Yeah, it happens with VSG too. I have no idea why. Maybe I'll ask my surgeon tomorrow at my check-up.

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