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How long did it take you to lose 100 ???

on 1/24/10 11:06 am - Canada
I am just curious... I know it depends on the starting weight and all, but I want to know how long it took you to lose 100...So I can figure a little bit.

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on 1/24/10 12:04 pm
VSG on 07/28/09 with
It took me 6.5 months. 30 pounds pre op, 70 post op. Good luck and your weight loss journey.


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on 1/24/10 12:19 pm, edited 1/24/10 12:22 pm - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/11/09 with
9 months
Jennie M.
on 1/24/10 12:29 pm - Ottawa, Canada
I started out about the same size as you (I'm 5'6") and I lost 15 lbs or so pre-op and hit the Century Club right around my 6 mth surgiversary. 

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on 1/24/10 12:40 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I am 5'8".  I lost 20lbs pre-op and 80 more in just a little over 5 months post-op.  So far I've lost between 10-14lbs a month pretty every month (closer to 14 near the beginning and closer to 10 now).  With a bigger amount lost in the first month.

BUT - you shouldn't compare yourself to others.  There are WAY to many factors that can affect how much and how fast you lose.  The point it that you are losing.

I learned early on not to set "dates" for myself to hit milestones.  It is WAY to discouraging when that date passes and you don't hit the number. And it takes the "glow" of hitting that goal when you hit it a week/month/more late!  Much better to just strive for the goal without an end-date IMHO.
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on 1/24/10 1:10 pm - IA
VSG on 02/23/10 with
Erica is right.  Try your best not to compare.  The rate of loss depends on so many factors: your age, beginning weight, your "resting" metabolism, how much exercise, how intense you exercise, how many calories you cosume daily, how many calories you burn off with exercise daily. 

I too would like to think that I'll lose 100 lb. in 6-7 moths.  But I'm going in with the attitude that if the scale is moving downward, then I'll be happy.  I plan to keep a journal beginning with my pre-op liquid diet of my feelings, progress, etc. 

Good luck to you.  I am getting anxious to get this done.  One month away.  Time generally flies, but boy is it dragging right now. 
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on 1/24/10 1:17 pm - Canada
I lost 25lbs pre-op and 75lbs post-op and I started at 306lbs and just reached the 100lb mark at my 6  months surgiversary...

I took off away from my life in Vancouver for 6 months so distractions and temptations weren't as high and when I was cleared by my surgeon I started walking 30 mins a day (2 months after surgery) and when I came home at the end of October I got a personal trainer who I saw 3 times a week and then started doing yoga 2 times a week...

So... you have to remember that everyone is different but don't let the scale become your focus.. When I was one month out from surgery I started checking it everyday and that was when I became a little reckless because the numbers are going to fluctuate daily and I started experiencing dumping syndrome..  So when I talked to my doctor about it he said for the first 3 months weigh yourself once a month and then twice a month and then once a week when your body is settled into your routine.. 

Its really tough to think about but whats on that scale is just a number and whats more important is how much energy you have and how you feel as each day goes by.....

take care,

on 1/24/10 1:18 pm - Waycross, GA
VSG on 11/01/08 with
I suppose it was about 5 mos for me. 37# pre-op and the rest post-op. I tryed to blog about my weight loss as best I could...

Good luck and GOD bless
on 1/24/10 1:31 pm - Plano (suburb of Dallas), TX
It took my husband about 6 months but he started with very high BMI.  However, he is also 55 years old.  He does work out frequently, however.
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on 1/24/10 1:51 pm - Flint, MI
About 6 mo. 20 pre-op and 80 post-op. The 80# post op took 5months. If you go by what I weighed at the time of surgery then it took me 8 months to lose 100lbs post surgically, and 6 of those weeks I was pregnant and had to add carbs and calories via the doctor which slowed my progress way down.

Does that make sense.

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on 1/24/10 2:59 pm - Vega, TX
Sorry to hi-jack but I love that avatar, and would love to find a shirt with it lol. 
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on 1/24/10 2:00 pm - Logan, OH
It has taken me about 7 months total to loose 100 pounds. 20 pounds in the six weeks pre-op, and 80 pounds in the 5 months post op. This has included a couple of stalls, and I have slowed down to about a pound or so a week for the last couple of months. But it is still coming off!

About the fastest I have seen someone who did not have way more than 100 pounds to loose was LarryG. He says he lost 30 pounds a month for each of the first three months and then 10 pounds the fourth month.  His wife was a veteran sleever so that might have helped him with that phenomenal weight loss.

How fast you loose has many factors including age, how long you have been overweight, how much you have to loose, and conditions such as insulin resistance and diabetes, and how much you can exercise.

Most people start out loosing 10-20 pounds a month initially, and that drops to 4-8 pounds a month, slowing down over time.

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on 1/25/10 6:55 am - arizona
hey mack...what you wrote is PARTLY true...i did drop 100 in 4 months...

however...the wife pretty much left me alone...she wasnt mean about it, but she knows me and how wonderfully pig-headed i am, and she just knows was sink or swim, buddy...and i guess i swam!   
on 1/25/10 12:55 pm - Logan, OH
I don't know.  Loosing a pound a day for 90 days straight, on your own and without stalls, is getting right into the "Don't hate me because I am Beautiful!" area.

It would be nice to know you at least struggled a little bit....

CAUTION: Make sure Brain is engaged before putting Mouth into gear!!

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on 1/24/10 3:56 pm - Canada
Thanks everybody! I know I cannot compare, or shouldn't have time goals, but I need a knee surgery after I will have lost 100, so I just wanted to know if it could be this year...
Congratulations all on your weight loss, if we add it all, it's more than a thousand pounds!!
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Jody B.
on 1/24/10 5:16 pm - Corsicana, TX
I lost 15 pre op and have lost 87 since then.  I belive I hit 100 close to my 6 month anniversay.  Again, I had and have a LOT to lose.  I'm 62, so those things are contributing way or another.





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on 1/25/10 7:00 am - Woodbridge, VA
I do not count any weight I lost pre-op because I don't attribute that to my surgery. Since the morning of surgery, I have lost 98 pounds. I will be 10 months out on Wednesday. I've been pretty much stalled for the past 3-4 months until just last week when I lost 4 pounds, so things are just starting to get moving again...slowly  :)
Tami P.
on 1/25/10 1:05 pm - San Diego, CA
Since surgery I have lost 90 pounds. I will be 8 months out next week. I am hoping to be at 100 lbs down by 9 months. I did lose 18 lbs pre-op as well.

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on 1/25/10 2:15 pm
5.5 to 6 months for me to hit the 100 pound loss mark since my revision from band to sleeve. I didn't have a pre-op diet so no weightloss prior to the revision. I'm 33, and started at 263 the day of my revision, today at almost 8 months out, I'm hoovering at 143-144.
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