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Do your taste buds change after surgery?

Laurie D.
on 2/10/10 6:02 pm - pembroke pines, fl
Do you find that certain drinks that you had pre surgery  are too sweet after surgery? I am afraid to stock up on anything that will sit in the cabinet forever. I hear that happens with protein drinks
on 2/10/10 6:06 pm - Temecula, CA
Laurie, this is what I have heard from other post op patients.  I've found my taste has changed just while being on my pro-op diet.  Everything seems to taste too sweet.

on 2/10/10 6:14 pm - Canada
I got my sleeve on January 15th and as soon as I got home my taste buds were totally different! I can now only drink chocolate atkins shakes. My advice: don't stock your pantry full before leaving, maybe buy a little bit of your favorites and then if you don't like them when you get back, you may like them later.
on 2/10/10 6:21 pm - New Zealand
My advice is don't stock up on anything.  I went through a phase of not being able to stand the protein drinks.  Now at 9 months i don't like meat and eggs anymore.  It is not that I can't eat them - i just dont like the taste and smell.
good news is that I have lost the taste for diet coke - which is great as i was a serious addict before the surgery.

on 2/10/10 6:27 pm - Arlington, TX
Hi Laurie,

I remember for the first few months everything was so sweet.  My taste did first.

Now two years later I would say my taste is pretty much the same as before surgery.  I still like the things I did before surgery and I still don't like the things I didn't before surgery!

I agree with the other posters here.  Don't stock up.  Chances are right after surgery, your taste buds will go a little crazy on you!!

Good luck,
Brooke K
 I am 5'4" tall

on 2/10/10 6:22 pm
I don't think my tastes have changed, but my preferences have. Ditto the others - don't stock up.

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(deactivated member)
on 2/10/10 6:47 pm - Philly, PA and New Windsor, NY
My taste buds really haven't changed much after surgery. I am, however, more adventurous with foods post op!
on 2/10/10 6:58 pm
I didn't think mine had changed at all (but I'm only 2 1/2 weeks out)... I still like the things I liked before,  nothing [allowable] tastes different, but I just had an Isoflex chocolate shake and put s.f. caramel syrup in it to make it a turtle shake, and yikes.... tooooo sweet!  This is the first time since surgery I've had the "yuck" feeling.

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on 2/10/10 9:00 pm
 I feel like my tastes have changed and it also seems like I am more sensitive to smells as well.  I wouldn't buy a whole lot till after surgery... the three tubs of protein powder shakes in my pantry are definitely a regret!
on 2/10/10 9:45 pm
I have 23 pounds of protein powder in the pantry that I cannot touch, ugh! Fortunately I have teenage boys that think it  is cool to drink that mess. Gag, I loved them before surgery :)
Tried to eat a 3musketeer funsize bar- gag it was  so sweet.
I can smell SMELL everything, gross!
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