Silly Question - But what does NSV mean.........

on 2/15/10 1:25 pm - Lexington, SC
I've been seeing post about NSV and I'm assuming it means meeting some kind of goal - but what does it stand for?
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on 2/15/10 1:32 pm - Woodbridge, VA
Non-Scale Victory  :)
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on 2/15/10 1:56 pm - Baltimore, MD
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non-scale victory...anything that represents something good happening that doesn't have to do with the numbers on the scale, like a compliment, wearing a smaller size clothes, etc.
on 2/15/10 2:22 pm - Denver, CO
VBG on 01/28/10 with
I am so glad you asked that question...I've been trying to figure out what that means for awhile now. thanks


on 2/15/10 3:56 pm
VSG on 10/22/10 with
I'm glad you asked too because I was trying my best to figure it out..I came up with some pretty off the wall things...
on 2/15/10 4:43 pm - Lexington, SC
 Non-Scale Victory! Thanks Guys , I would have never figured that one out ;-)

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