After 3, and after 6 months how much did you lose with the VSG?

on 3/31/10 8:55 am
Hello Everyone!

I was curious how much weight did you lose after 3 months and then after 6 months from your surgery date?  And how many people enjoyed sweets or cake and decided to get this procedure?

Thanks for helping me with my research!
on 3/31/10 9:02 am - Atlanta GA
Hi Sunshine,
Haven't made it to 6 months yet.  At 3 months I'd lost 48# and now at 3.5 months I've lost 56#, or an average of 4# per week.  I did enjoy sweets and cake before this procedure.  Have eaten some since my surgery but they don't taste the same so a bite or two is enough.
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on 3/31/10 9:11 am

Hi Sunshine. Me again. :-) I have a spreadsheet of my weekly and monthly weight loss since surgery. Here are my results as of this morning (this morning = month 7; I measured each month as being four weeks in duration, starting with the Wednesday I had surgery):

MONTH 1 = -29 lbs

MONTH 2 = -11.6 lbs 

MONTH 3 = -15.2 lbs

MONTH 4 = -9.2 lbs

MONTH 5 = -6.6 lbs

MONTH 6 = -6.0 lbs

MONTH 7 = -6.2 lbs 

I didn't take measurements, but I was wearing a 22W clothing size the day of surgery, and now I'm wearing size 10 misses (and I can even wear junior sizes now!).

I enjoyed sweets pre-op, and still do, in moderation. I try to keep my simple sugars to a minimum because of my blood sugar issues, though. But, still, I'll have a small slice of birthday cake at a party, and I've often sampled sweet treats people bring into work. I try not to get all-or-nothing about that stuff, because doing so just makes me crave those things more and I end up getting into a self-defeating cycle of craziness! For the most part, all I really focus on is getting in plenty of protein, and limiting the simple sugars for most of my meals/snacks. I don't worry about fat grams--I eat so little overall because of my small stomach, and low-fat or fat-free stuff tastes like crap. That's what works for me, anyhow.

on 3/31/10 9:29 am
Thank you so much for responding!  I wanted to know did you lose weight pre-op, if so, how much?  Also what did you do differently to improve your weight loss in month 3 in comparison to month 2?

Thanks a lot!
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on 3/31/10 9:35 am, edited 3/31/10 9:36 am

I lost only about two lbs pre-op. I was self-pay, so I didn't have to do the six-month diet thing to jump through insurance hoops. Also, because my BMI wasn't super high pre-op, all I had to do was the liquid diet for two days pre-op to prep me for surgery, which is when I lost a couple of lbs. That may be why I dropped so much weight the first month--some of that was water weight that others might have dropped on their longer pre-op liquid diets.

I didn't do anything differently from Month 2 to Month 3. Month 2, I think my loss slowed down while my body was adjusting to the quick drop in weight from Month 1, but I lost a lot more inches in Month 2 than I did in Month 1. The scale can be deceiving in that way. 

ETA: as I get closer and closer to my goal weight, my monthly weight loss has slowed down a bit. I'm still happy with it, though, as long as it keeps going down!

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on 3/31/10 9:29 am - Vero Beach, FL
Hi Sunshine, I'm not quite 6 months, but at 3 months I think I had lost about 50 pounds and at 51/2 months I have now lost 72 pounds putting me 6 pounds below my goal weight. I am now working on the ever elusive maintenance. I have gone from size 20 to size 6.

I enjoyed all kinds of foods. I was triggered by visuals - so if I saw cake I had cake, if I saw cookies, I ate cookies, and my favorite was when I saw chips - boy did I eat them.  The visuals still sometimes get me, but instead of several helpings I have a bite or two and that's it.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your research.
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on 3/31/10 10:51 am - Canada

At three months I had lost 54% of my EW, at 6 months 80% and at 9.5 months 100%.

I have always enjoyed sweets and continue to do so in moderation.

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on 3/31/10 11:07 am - Cambridge, Canada
I lost 19lbs pre-op, 22lbs the first month, and between 14 and 11lbs each month after until 6 months.  So just over 100lbs at 6 months I think.

I LOVED candy preop.  Chocolate bars, jelly beans, easter eggs, whatever.  I still like that stuff now, but I can usually avoid it.  If I don't see it, I don't crave it.  I keep it out of the house for the most part for that reason.  

Once in awhile I have some though.  That's why I got the sleeve in the first I could!
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on 3/31/10 1:06 pm - Lauderhill, FL
Well I am 3 months out today down little over 60 lost 5 preop.
Lost 5 pounds preop                    
on 3/31/10 1:11 pm - Lauderhill, FL