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After 3, and after 6 months how much did you lose with the VSG?

on 3/31/10 3:55 pm
Hello Everyone!

I was curious how much weight did you lose after 3 months and then after 6 months from your surgery date?  And how many people enjoyed sweets or cake and decided to get this procedure?

Thanks for helping me with my research!
on 3/31/10 4:02 pm - Atlanta GA
VSG on 12/17/09 with
Hi Sunshine,
Haven't made it to 6 months yet.  At 3 months I'd lost 48# and now at 3.5 months I've lost 56#, or an average of 4# per week.  I did enjoy sweets and cake before this procedure.  Have eaten some since my surgery but they don't taste the same so a bite or two is enough.
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on 3/31/10 4:11 pm

Hi Sunshine. Me again. :-) I have a spreadsheet of my weekly and monthly weight loss since surgery. Here are my results as of this morning (this morning = month 7; I measured each month as being four weeks in duration, starting with the Wednesday I had surgery):

MONTH 1 = -29 lbs

MONTH 2 = -11.6 lbs 

MONTH 3 = -15.2 lbs

MONTH 4 = -9.2 lbs

MONTH 5 = -6.6 lbs

MONTH 6 = -6.0 lbs

MONTH 7 = -6.2 lbs 

I didn't take measurements, but I was wearing a 22W clothing size the day of surgery, and now I'm wearing size 10 misses (and I can even wear junior sizes now!).

I enjoyed sweets pre-op, and still do, in moderation. I try to keep my simple sugars to a minimum because of my blood sugar issues, though. But, still, I'll have a small slice of birthday cake at a party, and I've often sampled sweet treats people bring into work. I try not to get all-or-nothing about that stuff, because doing so just makes me crave those things more and I end up getting into a self-defeating cycle of craziness! For the most part, all I really focus on is getting in plenty of protein, and limiting the simple sugars for most of my meals/snacks. I don't worry about fat grams--I eat so little overall because of my small stomach, and low-fat or fat-free stuff tastes like crap. That's what works for me, anyhow.

on 3/31/10 4:29 pm
Thank you so much for responding!  I wanted to know did you lose weight pre-op, if so, how much?  Also what did you do differently to improve your weight loss in month 3 in comparison to month 2?

Thanks a lot!
(deactivated member)
on 3/31/10 4:35 pm, edited 3/31/10 4:36 pm

I lost only about two lbs pre-op. I was self-pay, so I didn't have to do the six-month diet thing to jump through insurance hoops. Also, because my BMI wasn't super high pre-op, all I had to do was the liquid diet for two days pre-op to prep me for surgery, which is when I lost a couple of lbs. That may be why I dropped so much weight the first month--some of that was water weight that others might have dropped on their longer pre-op liquid diets.

I didn't do anything differently from Month 2 to Month 3. Month 2, I think my loss slowed down while my body was adjusting to the quick drop in weight from Month 1, but I lost a lot more inches in Month 2 than I did in Month 1. The scale can be deceiving in that way. 

ETA: as I get closer and closer to my goal weight, my monthly weight loss has slowed down a bit. I'm still happy with it, though, as long as it keeps going down!

Just Janie
on 3/31/10 4:29 pm - Vero Beach, FL
Hi Sunshine, I'm not quite 6 months, but at 3 months I think I had lost about 50 pounds and at 51/2 months I have now lost 72 pounds putting me 6 pounds below my goal weight. I am now working on the ever elusive maintenance. I have gone from size 20 to size 6.

I enjoyed all kinds of foods. I was triggered by visuals - so if I saw cake I had cake, if I saw cookies, I ate cookies, and my favorite was when I saw chips - boy did I eat them.  The visuals still sometimes get me, but instead of several helpings I have a bite or two and that's it.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your research.
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on 3/31/10 5:51 pm - Canada

At three months I had lost 54% of my EW, at 6 months 80% and at 9.5 months 100%.

I have always enjoyed sweets and continue to do so in moderation.

Proud Member of the Cambridge Crew!

on 3/31/10 6:07 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I lost 19lbs pre-op, 22lbs the first month, and between 14 and 11lbs each month after until 6 months.  So just over 100lbs at 6 months I think.

I LOVED candy preop.  Chocolate bars, jelly beans, easter eggs, whatever.  I still like that stuff now, but I can usually avoid it.  If I don't see it, I don't crave it.  I keep it out of the house for the most part for that reason.  

Once in awhile I have some though.  That's why I got the sleeve in the first I could!
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on 3/31/10 8:06 pm - Lauderhill, FL
Well I am 3 months out today down little over 60 lost 5 preop.
Lost 5 pounds preop                    
on 3/31/10 8:11 pm - Lauderhill, FL
Cathryn L.
on 3/31/10 8:52 pm - Seattle, WA
VSG on 08/17/09 with
3 Months: -42 pounds
6 Months: -73 pounds
I do eat sweets, but I mostly try to avoid them.  Like the previous posters, if I see it I want to eat it, so I just keep it out of the house.  But I will eat dessert at a party or a cookie when we're celebrating birthdays at work.  I just try not to make a habit out of it.

HW/SW/CW: 247/222/137
on 3/31/10 9:26 pm - St. Louis, MO
I've got another week and a half until my 3rd month, but so far I have lost 57 lbs (11 were prop).

As far as sweets are concerned, I don't even like them anymore.  Amazing.  I used to be the biggest donut craver/eater, and now just the thought of them turn me off.  I tried one bite of cake ONCE since my surgery, but it didn't even taste good.  I haven't wanted anything sweet since then.  This is a GOOD THING!!!

Now popcorn, cheeseburgers, and tacos are another story :)
I usually resist the temptation, though.  I'd be full after two bites so it's not worth it anyway.

Good luck!
Maintaining Cindy
on 4/1/10 1:32 am
VSG on 06/12/09 with
Hello Sunshine,

Here is my weight loss:

3 mos. 43.7 lbs
6 mos. 64.9 lbs

I was addicted to sweet, especially chocolate before surgery.  I still enjoy chocolate and sweets now, but not nearly as much or as often as before surgery.  I was considered a lightweight, and intentionally tried to lose slowly, I did not want to go on anther diet.  I wanted to make changes for life, and stop the yo-yo dieting.  It worked for me I hit my goal weight at 8.5 mos out (I think...)...

All the best in your weight loss journey,


p.s.  I was not required to do a pre-op diet (BMI was only 30.8), and did not lose weight pre-op...  I was at my all time high weight...


on 4/1/10 8:00 am - Alvaton, KY
I enjoyed, and still do enjoy, sweets and cakes.  I lost 180.5 pounds over 16 months with the sleeve.

I still do eat some sweets, cake, pie, ice cream, etc.  I just don't eat very much of it, and I don't eat it all that often.

I can not eat any more now than I could at 6 months out.

Yes, this works, if you work your sleeve.  It is NOT magic, you have to still follow a diet plan.  You have to exercise.  And you should NEVER, EVER, compare yourself to anyone else.

You won't lose like anyone else, you will lose at your pace.  Comparing will just drive you crazy, make you feel horrible because someone else is losing faster than you, and it is a waste of time.

Especially do not compare your weight loss to mens.  Men just naturally tend to lose at a faster pace.  It's their hormones, and you can't do a darn thing about that.

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on 4/1/10 10:57 am - Detroit, MI
3 months 60lbs.
not six months out yet (74 lbs. to date)

I did enjoy many sweets prior to surgery and occaisonally enjoy them now. I could not do without them at all before and now I can. I love my sleeve.