Too much B12?

on 4/3/10 2:26 am - Omaha, NE
I bought my vitamins today in preparation for surgery on April 20.  My literature from NUT states 1000 mcg of B12.  I bought some but noticed that it is 2500 mcg.  Is that too much?  Is too much B12 not good?
on 4/3/10 2:32 am - Canada
it doesnt matter how much b12 u get,your body only needs so much and only uses that much..thought the same u my dr told me diff....i have b12 def....have to get monthly shots

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on 4/3/10 3:58 am - Woodbridge, VA
It's almost impossible to have too much B12. In fact, most other countries don't even list a maximum for B12 for labs - just a minimum. For most B vites, your body will basically pee out what you don't need (with the exception of B6 - high B6 can cause fun stuff like peripheral neuropathy).
on 4/3/10 4:31 am - Blue Springs, MO
Really, the only ones you have to watch are the fat soluble ones (A, D, E, K) because the others are water soluble and will just pass out in excess through your urine.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery!
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on 4/3/10 4:34 am - AZ
I'd read this thread from this morning:
on 4/3/10 4:56 am
Same as the others. My nutritionist told me that you can't over do B12 because the body just flushes it out.
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on 4/3/10 7:20 am - pembroke pines, fl
I started taking a vitamin B complex
riboflavin  1.7mg
niacin  20mg
B6  2mg
B12 1.2 mg
Panthotentic Acid 30mg
It says to take 1ml  one to four times a day under tongue but I only take one per day.
When I take it I can feel a rush in my head......Is this too much per day? Today I did not take it and I feel alot better.
on 4/4/10 4:06 pm - Suffern, NY
The rush you are getting is from the niacin.  Many people have that reaction to niacin.  You might want to find a bcomplex with less niacin or has a bcomplex with niacin that doesnt' do that.


on 4/4/10 4:11 pm - Suffern, NY
It is recommended that you start at 1000mcg a day at the beginning and adjust from there from your labs.  I would take the 2500mcg every other day.  They are right you do pee out the excess but if it gets high enough, they dont' know the ramifications are.  There was someone on the boards yestarday with a level of 5000, I have never heard of a level that high.  Ideally we want our level to be between 1200 and 1500 but it can be up to 2000.  We really dont' want it over 2000. I was greater than 2000 for about 2 years but the lab didnt' give an exact number, so I dont' know how much greater.  My hematologist (doctor that specializes in blood disorders and anemias) told me not to worry about it, I was just peeing out the excess.  After awhile, I decided to cut my dose but by doing that my levels went all the way down to 1200 and I am exhausted all the time, so I increased my dose back to where it used to be.  I would rather have a level of 2000 then 1200.