Alcohol after VSG

Candace H.
on 5/26/10 11:54 am

Has anyone had an alcoholic drink since surgery? If so, how soon after surgery? My dr. says to wait a year, but that seems like a LONG time.

melanie L.
on 5/26/10 12:00 pm
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Well I went to Atlantic city ordered a cranberry juice and they gave me a vodka w/ cranberry juice. Anyway, I didnt know and had a few sips. 3 to be exact, and got a buzz goin, all giggly and couldnt walk straight.. . I am also 3 1/2 months out when this happened.. when I realized they gave me vodka hubby made a big stink about it, that we got comped for our next vist for a room and the buffet.

on 5/26/10 12:14 pm - denham springs, LA
I am about 7 months out and drink wine when I go out. 2 glasses and I am toast!! Moderation and choice of beverage is key and that is why I chose wine after a little research. Just be careful and try it at home first.

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on 5/26/10 12:17 pm - CO
"Tell me, Sherlock, I'm still not quite clear:
When I drink, whither goes all the beer?"
Holmes replied, "The locale,
Is digestion's canal;

, Watson, my dear."

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on 5/26/10 12:30 pm, edited 5/26/10 12:31 pm
I have a glass (4oz) of wine once to twice weekly. I also drink socially, and drink mixed drinks and various shots. I was told to wait 3 months. I think I was around 5ish months post op when I first had a glass of wine. The first couple of times I drank, it did hit me hard and fast, then left me without a buzz pretty quickly.

Now, I can maintain a decent buzz, and it doesn't hit me any harder or quicker than pre-op. I was advised, it's empty calories, and just wasn't worth it during the losing stage. But, around 5months out, I had dropped 90ish pounds and it didn't negatively effect my losing at all.
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on 5/26/10 12:53 pm - Metairie, LA
It was about 3-4 months before I tried a drink. 15 months out, I drink socially some weekends. a 20 oz daiquiri will put me out for the night (usually takes me all night to drink it), or 2 vodka with cranberry or vodka martinis. Cheap drunk, but I find that I feel hungry when I drink alcohol, must be something in my head. Of course, I can eat a few bites of something and be satisfied.

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on 5/26/10 2:12 pm - Alvaton, KY
I get such a kick out of people that simply can't live without alcohol.

You wonder why you fail, but the very first thing you want to do is turn against your doctors advice.

As anyone in AA would tell you, if you can't live without it, you really do have a problem with it!

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Ms Shell
on 5/27/10 1:48 am - Hawthorne, CA
And I would tell anyone in AA when I have a PROBLEM with it I'll join you then!!  Until then...belly up to the bar  cheers!!

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on 5/27/10 4:02 am - Aston Clinton, UK
I am glad it makes you happy. Most people just have the occasional drink though and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. You are a long time dead.

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Tracy G.
on 5/26/10 11:50 pm - Elkridge, MD
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I haven't tried anything yet and was thinking I may like to while we are at the beach.  I've never been big into drinking to start with.  I don't have a taste for much of it.  I've also always had a very high tolerance.  I could drink vodka and red bull all night, have a huge tab and not feel a thing.  I think I've been buzzed once in my life, and it didn't last long.  Once in a while my stomach would act up and after the first drink I would get sick (not throwing up) and then I would be fine.  I'm tempted to try something now just to see if it gives me a buzz or whatever sooner.