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Dr. Hargroder vs. Dr. Bellanger?

on 5/30/10 6:28 am
(deactivated member)
on 5/30/10 6:45 am - LA
Yes, they are both excellent dr's. I let hardgroder do mine. He isnt a very personal doctor but the lil guy knows what he is doing. I chose to have mine at St. Elizabeth bc its a smaller hospital and with smaller hospitals the staff are usually nicer and alot more personal with the one on one care! Congrats and best of luck to you!
on 5/31/10 1:38 am
Thanks so much!!! I am from Shreveport but have heard wonderful things about both doctors and signed up under Bellanger but since that time have heard soooo many more great things about Hargroder...thanks for your response, I deleted my original message incase the Drs come to this website< haha!!!! Didn't wanna hurt their feelings, lol!!!
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on 5/31/10 3:10 am - LA
Dont worry about it!!! I told my dr upfront BEFORE he started surgery that I didnt appreciaite his lack of one on one time with me and that I was putting my life in his hands and I would feel better if I felt a patient dr relationship rather than what I was going on, simply that he was one of the best. Afterwards he wanted to check on me personally after surgery and he was in jeans and a tshirt... and sat on the bed and asked me if that was better.... lol he is a great guy, just does soooo many surgeries a day, I think he was doing 4 on the day I had mine done. Best of luck to ya, this board is the best! I never went to a support group bc this has been a support group and so much more! This is def alife style change and its hard to get through it without people who have been through exactly what your gonna go through! When are you having your surgery? I'd like to come send you a small care package while your in the hospital :)
on 9/26/11 11:44 am - MS
  I used dr Bellenger and I loved him !!   He did my sleeve about 5 yrs ago and now Im gonna have him do my DS.    I really really liked him alot.   Hes easy on the eyes too    
on 5/31/10 12:27 pm

Thanks so much!!! I am going to call & get scheduled tomorrow...may change to Dr. Hargroder....people seem to recommend him over Bellanger. Hargroder did 2 of my friends I am feeling like I should change. I will let you know & I appreciate your kind words...I have husband & 3 children that need their wife & momma & I just wanna make the best decision for ALL of us!!! Thanks again & God Bless!!!

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