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Complications from my sisters surgery - Dr Almanza Reyes: Tijuana Mexico

on 6/1/10 8:55 pm
Well, my sister had her surgery 3 weeks ago today.  She is currently in the US in ICU and has been for 16 days now.  She is in really bad shape after she was left with a leak in her stomach which formed a hole into her stomach and everything was leaking into her that she was taking via her mouth.  After having her surgery on a Tuesday, then having to sit on a non air conditioned van so others could shop and then saying she was okay to fly home on Friday (4 days after her surgery). While in San Diego on Thursday she was very ill, my mom called the coordinator and was told "oh its normal, just gas pains"..How many of you have heard that?  Well, she flew back home and felt so bad.  Then Sunday morning at 4am where her drain was she started spitting out fluids like a water fountain from her incision, it was watery, then bloody looking.  She soaked her night gown and 2 towels and was in sever pain.  My brother in law called an ambulance for her and she was rushed to the ER.  Her heart rate was low, blood pressure low & had a fever.  After several test they finally realized what was wrong (hole in her stomach) and rushed her to emergency surgery to repair this.  She also had a severe case of pneumonia in her lungs, was severly dehydrated, and her kidneys had temporarily shut down.  Now here we are 16 days later, she has had 4 surgerys to "wash" out the infection and she is still running fever, still on a ventilator to breath and they can not sew her up b/c of future surgeries to clean the infection. She is being fed through a tube directly in her veins. She is so swollen and has so much fluid on her that she has gained 70+ lbs.  She has to constantly lay on a cooling blanket to keep her temp from raising to dangerous levels.  They have her in a medical induced coma and we have not been able to talk to her since the day in the ER.  She will be in ICU for at least another month and the hospital and additonal 2-3 months.  The doctor said it will be a year before she is completley better.  This is a very scary experience for us and our family.  My mother had the same surgery last year in July but this was when they was not doing the whole "rack em and stack em", "get you in and get you out".  Thank God, her surgery so far has had no complications.  When you are pushing 6 + surgeries a day and your "housekeeper" is removing the drain tubes something is not right.  I hope you all know that I am telling you the honest to God truth about our story. My sister is laying in ICU with a huge opening in her stomach right now b/c the doctors are trying to fix what went so wrong.  We have pictures if anyone needs to see the pictures of her.  Please pray for her, we have our family and church praying for her recovery each and every day.  I pray that nobody else ever has to go through what she is going through.  She chose to do this in Mexico becuase yes it was cheaper BUT in the long run she is spending so MUCH more money now to take care of this.  Supposedly the coordinator was fired because she was not telling the doctor about everything going on with my sister.  I really think the coordinator got a conscience and realized their is some issues going on that she did not want to be a part of.  Please keep Beverly in your prayers. Thank you!  from her lil sister & best friend
on 6/1/10 9:25 pm
Wow!! I am so very sorry for your family.  I was asking about this very same doctor on this forum not too long ago for my friend and I did not get good feedback.  I believe Peanutmom (sorry I can't really remember) gave us some very interesting information on this doctor.  She too had her surgery with this doc and recommended him until she found some bad things about this doc. I don't even think that he is actually a doctor but don't quote me on that.  Beverly will be in my prayers until she gets well. Please keep us posted on her status!!!
on 6/1/10 9:35 pm
Wow...... I'm not that religious of a guy... But, this calls for a prayer.

Hoping and praying for the best.....

on 6/1/10 9:56 pm - CA
That is just an awful story!  I am so sorry for your sister and your family!  I hope that her condition starts looking up soon and that she improves with each passing day! 
sleeve genie
on 6/1/10 10:17 pm - Alhambra, CA
i am so sorry for your sister and your family,   this is so awful,  omg,  i hope this is the same lady whose son posted on here earlier and not another person going through the same thing,  this is something that shouldn't be i am so sorry for you and you are all in my prayers, 
      the start of my brand new life was on 5/28/10
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on 6/2/10 6:48 pm
Jeani:  No this is not the same lady whose son posted on an earlier post  - Unfortunately this is another story that sames oh so the same......

thanks for the prayers!  God Bless You!
on 6/1/10 10:24 pm, edited 6/1/10 10:25 pm - San Francisco, CA
I'm so very sorry for your sister,  and you and your family. I hope and pray that she has a full recovery. As someone else mentioned, please keep us posted on her condition.
Take Care!!
on 6/1/10 10:26 pm
Revision on 06/14/10 with
 Thinking about your sister and sending good vibes her way!  I hope everything eventually works. out for her.  This is a wakeup call that this all is to be taken seriously... it is, after all, surgery.  This is also the reason that I went with my gut feeling and, because I'm a complicated revision, have decided to let Dr. Aceves handle it.  
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on 6/2/10 6:45 pm - AZ
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On June 1, 2010 at 10:26 PM Pacific Time, Joyce P. wrote:
 Thinking about your sister and sending good vibes her way!  I hope everything eventually works. out for her.  This is a wakeup call that this all is to be taken seriously... it is, after all, surgery.  This is also the reason that I went with my gut feeling and, because I'm a complicated revision, have decided to let Dr. Aceves handle it.  

When are you going to have your revision done?

on 6/1/10 10:44 pm
VSG on 10/09/09 with
I am so very sorry!!! I can't even imagine what you are all going through......

The thing that kills me is, many people have posted in regards to this doctor many times before and people got mad about  the truth being told, and now look. So very sad.

I am sure she will come out of this in time but the road is obviously going to a long one. Please hang in there and know you are in my thoughts.

Best wishes....
Maintaining Cindy
on 6/1/10 11:00 pm
VSG on 06/12/09 with
Oh this is so sad and so unfair... I am so sorry your sister is going through this...  my prayers are with her and your family at this very difficult time.

We go into this looking for that miracle, and most often it is given to us.  We start a new life and get healthier by the day, the weight drops, we feel better and better... our dreams are slowly realized... I cannot even begin to imagine how she must feel and what this has done to her life over these few months...  not fair... so sad...

Big hugs to you honey, hang in there, she and your family need you, and you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders.  Thanks for sharing this story, you quite probably have saved some lives.

Take care,



on 6/1/10 11:25 pm
Elisa (funnurse) told us about Beverly and we've been praying nonstop!  We are continuing to keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
on 6/2/10 6:51 pm
NursieGirl, Yes my mom has been keeping in contact with Elisa (I think she had surgery the same time as my sister). 

thanks for the prayers, we appreciate every one of them.  God Bless You!
on 6/2/10 11:14 pm
And you!
on 6/2/10 6:22 am
 I am so very sorry for your family to be going through this. I am keeping Beverly and all of you in my thoughts and prayers...

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on 6/2/10 8:05 am - Alvaton, KY
This is a problem that can, and occasionally does, occur when a person has gone out of country to save some money.

If a significant complication occurs, you are 100% on your own.  The doctors in Mexico will not help you, they can't come to the States to do anything, and there is absolutely NO legal recourse.

The vast majority of surgeries done in Mexico are done properly and there is no problem with them.  BUT, when one does occur, none of the physicians in Mexico will be able to do a darn thing for you once you have left the country.

This is something that anyone going to Mexico should think about.  Each and every one of the surgeons down there have had at least one such case in the last couple of years (discussed on these forums).  Many have had more than one discussed here.

It does not make sense to me to save a few thousand up front, and take a chance on jeopardizing your health and your financial stability if something goes wrong.  Many US medical insurance companies will NOT pay for the care and treatment you need to take care of these problems, which could end up costing you everything you have.

Just something that those contemplating going to a foreign country should consider.

A former Army Medic (1959-1969), Registered Nurse (1969-2000), College Instructor (1984-1989) and a retired Rehabilitation Counselor.  I am also a dual citizen of the USA and Canada.

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on 6/2/10 8:32 am - GA
VSG on 03/11/08 with
Old Medic,

FYI: Just because you have surgery in the US with a surgeon here doesnt mean your insurance company will cover you for complications if you are self pay. Makes no difference if you are in Mexico or the US. If you are self pay you take the risk that complications will not be covered. BCBS here in GA told me that if I were bleeding and spewing blood in the emergency room, they would not pay for my band removal or revision. So you dont know what you are talking about and you are a very insensitve person. Seriously. I went to NYC and had my surgery where the best revision surgeon was even though I live in GA. If I had a complication, I would most likely have had to go back to my original surgeon anyway in NY. Luckily, I switched to United Healthcare and they covered everything anyway.

ONce again, you dont know what you are talking about.




Ms Shell
on 6/2/10 8:58 am - Hawthorne, CA
Oh Lord as I pray for you...STAYING in the "good old U S of A" does NOT negate anything going wrong.  Several leaks happened here and unfortunately because of our health"care" system SOME insurances do NOT cover WLS and will NOT cover complication if you choose to self pay regardless of where you have surgery.

Ms Shell

"WLS is only for people who are ready to move past the "diet" mentality" ~Alison Brown
"WLS is not a Do-Over (repeat same mistakes = get a similar outcome.)  It is a Do-BETTER (make lifestyle changes you can continue forever.)" ~ Michele Vicara aka Eggface

on 6/2/10 12:27 pm
I second that, i have bc/bs through my husbands work and their big exclusion is wls of any kind, going to see a dr for weight issues, any weigh loss meds.  I would love it if my insurance would pay for wls, i would qualify but they dont.


sleeve genie
on 6/2/10 7:23 pm - Alhambra, CA
its not that the insurance company won't pay for it, bcbs pay for lots of weight loss surgery,  it is that the employer chooses not to pay the additional premiums required to have that coverage,  a lot of employers don't,  i thank God mine did,,,
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