Pregnancy after sleeve

on 6/8/10 11:16 pm
My daughter would love to have the sleeve done, but I am concerned about her trying to start a family in the future.  I've not seen anyone on here talk about this subject, but have any out there gotten pregnant after being sleeved?   Problems?  Concerns?  Things she should consider  before making this decision?

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on 6/8/10 11:21 pm
Check out the speicalty "pregnancy after WLS" forum here (Under Weight loss related topics).
One of the reason I chose the sleeve is because DH and I plan to have another baby in the future (although after having twins, we may put it off a few more years) and my OB/GYN (who is well versed in WLS) felt that VSG carried the least risk since there is no malabsorption of nutrients (both macro and micronutrients).
There are many women who have had WLS and go on to have healthy babies- in fact there is research out there that suggests the babies born to moms who have had WLS are healthier than babies born to obese moms.
on 6/8/10 11:31 pm
Thanks so much!

                                                        15 pounds lost during pre-op diet
on 6/8/10 11:42 pm
The search feature on here totally sucks. But, if you go to the Pregnancy forum, and search back into the post counts in the 200-400s, you can find a few VSG pregnancies and healthy baby stories in there. I tried searching for the few that I've read on there, but to no avail, I can't find them. I know they are there. If I run across any other them, I'll post them here for you.

For me, I refused to get pregnant weighing 270lbs. I had the band first to avoid malabsorption, then revised to the sleeve due to band complications. I'm a year out, and have been cleared to TTC. I know it's recommended by most surgeons to wait longer, but there are specific reasons why we are trying now. It's not ideal to get pregnant early out, but many WLS patients accidentally get pregnant and deliver healthy, thriving babies.

My guidelines are to take my vitamins religiously, eat a balanced, healthy, nutrient-filled diet daily, and to have my labs monitored closely. I am no longer in the losing stage so ketosis is not a concern. The baby will take what it needs from what I eat, and what I have stored. I'll need to ensure that I keep my body healthy during the pregnancy.
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Longhorn Girl
on 6/8/10 11:49 pm - Austin, TX
My surgeon told me pregnancy would not be an issue. He just said to wait at least a year and a half.
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on 6/9/10 12:57 am
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diane S.
on 6/9/10 1:10 am
my surgeon recommends waiting 18 months after surgery before becoming pregnant. and reminds that weight loss can increase fertility. they said they know of about 60 healthy babies born to their post op patients. some were surprises that came earlier than planned. but they believe its totally doable with a few precautions. d.

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on 6/9/10 1:24 am
I'm looking forward to a post-VSG pregnancy in the future. Actually, that was part of my reason for getting WLS of any kind - because I couldn't and shouldn't get pregnant being morbidly obese.

I started at 324lbs and a size 26.  After losing 100 lbs, I became pregnant with my first daughter, who was born in March 2011.  My second daughter was born in September 2013.  I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and now hover around 160lbs.  I would like to get back to the 140lbs before I became pregnant with my second daughter.  The sleeve literally gave me LIFE - two beautiful, healthy little girls.  My husband had his VSG with Dr. Marema on 10/1/2012 and is on his weight loss journey, currently down 90lbs. 

Amy A.
on 6/9/10 1:29 am - Riceville, TN
Amen sista! That is exactly why I am having the VSG too.
on 6/9/10 2:10 am
 The doctors at my hospital are doing a study about fertility treatment after WLS.  Here in the UK most doctors consider it harmful (if not morally wrong) to become pregnant whilst overweight.  I was turned down by a fertility clinic because of my weight and told that for me to get pregnant in my current state would be "child abuse."  That is what ultimately led me to WLS.  My doctor insists that pregnancy after WLS is much healthier than an obese pregnancy.  I hope he is right!  

I'm sure that your daughter will be fine and so will the baby.  :)