Smoothie King Gladiator!!!

on 6/25/10 1:56 pm
Listen to me...all you newbies!!!!! I am 9 days out & today I went to Smoothie King & got a Strawberry/Banana Gladiator with vanilla protein powder!!!! It is AMAZING!!!!! The small has 40 grams of protein, 180 calories, 1 carb, & NO sugar!!!!! It goes down sooooo smooth!!!!! I am on creamies & it's the best thing I have tasted in a long time!!!! Ya'll go get one!!!! You will be soooo glad you did!!!! God Bless!!!
on 6/25/10 2:29 pm - Abbeville, LA

on 6/25/10 3:29 pm - Spokane, WA
 Smoothie King hasn't yet graced Spokane, Washington with his presence.  I'm disappointed.  Although...very happy for you =c)

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on 6/25/10 11:13 pm
I get the strawberry blueberry because its lower glycemic fruit...and there is some natural sugar and carbs in it due to the fruit...but I am still losing and have at least one small one per week!
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on 6/26/10 12:44 am - North Richland Hills, TX
I saw your post earlier this morning and I have not tried Smoothie King. I had a fasting bloodwork this morning so on the way home I stopped. I got a small Shredder in Chocolate. It has 39 grms of protein. It was ok. I drank 1/2 and am freezing the rest for later. I am not a newbie but some days I still have issues getting in my protein. May have 1 or 2 of these a week now, as needed. Thank you for this info!!!!
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on 6/26/10 12:54 am - Ponchatoula, LA
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I had a friend of mine recommend the Gladiator with Strawberry protein powder and raspberries.  I am just wondering though, how long did it take you to drink it? I am just a few days behind you and the small even seems SOO big!
Oh, and just an FYI they also have a frequent buyers card that gives you free ones after you purchase so many....every little bit helps!!
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Michelle Smith
on 6/26/10 1:41 am
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Yes,it is GREAT!!!! 45 G protein..I like strawberry banana!!!

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on 6/26/10 3:08 am - Fort Worth, TX
I love my Gladiator!  Luckily there is a Smoothie King near my office.  If you join their VIP club ($15 per year), you get a % off products every day and on Sundays, if you buy one you get one smoothie FREE!  And if you don't need 2, they give you a freebie card for another visit.  It is an awesome deal.  I have only had the strawberry/banana; but I'm going to try the blueberry also.

The small is a lot, it usually takes me about 45 minutes to drink one. But it is sooo worth it.  Great protein for not alot of calories or carbs.
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on 6/26/10 3:11 am - Woodbridge, VA
How does it have strawberry and banana in it with no sugar? Do they use sugar free syrups instead of fruit?
Ms Shell
on 6/27/10 5:12 am - Hawthorne, CA
I went tot he site and they have low carb versions of stuff...not sure the ingredients.

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