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Smoothie King Gladiator!!!

on 6/25/10 8:56 pm
Listen to me...all you newbies!!!!! I am 9 days out & today I went to Smoothie King & got a Strawberry/Banana Gladiator with vanilla protein powder!!!! It is AMAZING!!!!! The small has 40 grams of protein, 180 calories, 1 carb, & NO sugar!!!!! It goes down sooooo smooth!!!!! I am on creamies & it's the best thing I have tasted in a long time!!!! Ya'll go get one!!!! You will be soooo glad you did!!!! God Bless!!!
on 6/25/10 9:29 pm - Abbeville, LA

on 6/25/10 10:29 pm - Spokane, WA
 Smoothie King hasn't yet graced Spokane, Washington with his presence.  I'm disappointed.  Although...very happy for you =c)

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on 6/26/10 6:13 am
VSG on 03/29/10 with
I get the strawberry blueberry because its lower glycemic fruit...and there is some natural sugar and carbs in it due to the fruit...but I am still losing and have at least one small one per week!
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on 6/26/10 7:44 am - North Richland Hills, TX
VSG on 02/08/10 with
I saw your post earlier this morning and I have not tried Smoothie King. I had a fasting bloodwork this morning so on the way home I stopped. I got a small Shredder in Chocolate. It has 39 grms of protein. It was ok. I drank 1/2 and am freezing the rest for later. I am not a newbie but some days I still have issues getting in my protein. May have 1 or 2 of these a week now, as needed. Thank you for this info!!!!
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on 6/26/10 7:54 am - Ponchatoula, LA
VSG on 06/21/10 with
I had a friend of mine recommend the Gladiator with Strawberry protein powder and raspberries.  I am just wondering though, how long did it take you to drink it? I am just a few days behind you and the small even seems SOO big!
Oh, and just an FYI they also have a frequent buyers card that gives you free ones after you purchase so many....every little bit helps!!
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Michelle Smith
on 6/26/10 8:41 am
VSG on 01/08/10 with

Yes,it is GREAT!!!! 45 G protein..I like strawberry banana!!!

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on 6/26/10 10:08 am - Fort Worth, TX
VSG on 03/22/10 with
I love my Gladiator!  Luckily there is a Smoothie King near my office.  If you join their VIP club ($15 per year), you get a % off products every day and on Sundays, if you buy one you get one smoothie FREE!  And if you don't need 2, they give you a freebie card for another visit.  It is an awesome deal.  I have only had the strawberry/banana; but I'm going to try the blueberry also.

The small is a lot, it usually takes me about 45 minutes to drink one. But it is sooo worth it.  Great protein for not alot of calories or carbs.
(deactivated member)
on 6/26/10 10:11 am - Woodbridge, VA
How does it have strawberry and banana in it with no sugar? Do they use sugar free syrups instead of fruit?
Ms Shell
on 6/27/10 12:12 pm - Hawthorne, CA
I went tot he site and they have low carb versions of stuff...not sure the ingredients.

Ms Shell

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on 6/26/10 11:31 am
VSG on 05/24/10 with
We have one a couple of miles from my house. I will have to try it out because I am having a horrible time getting all of my protien.

on 6/26/10 12:17 pm
I just had my first one yesterday! It was very good! I won't be getting them often though...the closest Smoothie King to me is in down town San Diego....I only go there maybe every other weekend. It was good and filling! Did the strawberry time I will do the stawberry and raspberry!
Donna H.
on 6/26/10 12:48 pm - Douglasville, GA
Love these for sure!  My doctor told me to get one when I saw him at one week.  I was shaky and felt like I had the flu.  It helped and I have had about 2 a week since.

Thanks!  Donna
on 6/26/10 8:16 pm
Ok,yay..well 45 grams of protein even makes it that much better..I think they use real fruit, no sugar!!! I can drink one in about an hour...smalls are plenty but today, I got a med. because I was out & about all day & was scared I would feel weak so I nursed it for a few hrs til it got kind of foamy from the heat outside...It is by far the answer to getting in some protein!!!
on 7/28/14 3:05 pm, edited 7/28/14 3:06 pm

Hello everyone.  I stumbled on this post when I was googled "Gladiator Smoothie King," as I too was captivated at how seemingly healthy the concoction was.  I have been eating this smoothie for the last year in order to get my protein fix, and was so happy that it seemingly only contained natural fruit, ice, water, and protein powder.

However... after doing some deeper digging, I have learned that WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO!

I called the main Smoothie King phone number (1-800-577-4200, in case you would like to call yourself), and inquired.  Specifically, I asked about the strawberries they use as they always seem to be in a soupy/syrupy bath, even though the SK workers claim that are just natural strawberries.  The woman on the phone confirmed that they are some sort of proprietary Smoothie King strawberry blend which contains strawberries, water, and CANE SUGAR.  

How much cane sugar?  Well, she could not break out how much sugar was added, but instead provided me with the total sugar content for 1 serving (2 ounces)... which turned out to be 35g of SUGAR.  And she confirmed that a medium Gladiator smoothie (which is what I have been living on for a year) contains 2 servings of the junk... or 70g of SUGAR... just from the strawberries!


To put this into perspective, using a little more googling, you can find out that 4 ounces of strawberries contains about 5.6g grams of sugar.  This means that SMOOTHIE KING IS ADDING ABOUT 64.4g OF SUGAR PER MEDIUM GLADIATOR SMOOTHIE.


Be careful before you trust what the people in the store tell you and do a bit of a research.  I for one have ordered my last Strawberry Banana Gladiator smoothie, and will be making them at home instead where I know what is going in.  I've made it before with frozen organic strawberries, bananas, and whey protein with no artificial sweeteners (the Gladiator protein has sucralose in it), and it tastes pretty darn close.

Kelly Jean
on 7/28/14 3:08 pm
VSG on 04/08/14 with

I'm so jealous I've never heard of smoothie king.... must not have them here in NY !!!! :-)

♡ Kelly


on 7/28/14 3:08 pm

Thanks I will be there this weekend

on 6/28/10 7:57 pm - Mandeville, LA
The 1g of carbs is for the Gladiator powder by itself without any fruit added.
They do use real fruit...not syrups.
You need to add the nut info for the fruit added to get the true carb count.
I buy the big tubs of powder and have one just about every single day. Usually the vanilla with a banana added. Sometimes the strawberry with strawberries added.