Compression Clothing and Loose Skin

on 6/28/10 7:57 am
VSG on 11/17/10 with
Am getting close to having my surgery approved, will probably have it in a week or so and then I will meet the surgeon and schedule my date....

QUESTION:  I saw somewhere on YOUTUBE, that if you start wearing compression clothing shortly after surgery, you will have little to no saggy skin....has ANYONE tried this and what have been your experiences...I know they are a struggle and a hassle to get on, but the person behind the product stands behind the claim....SHARE WITH ME...

Also, all you guys that have had the surgery...and I mean men, will you please post pictures from your before and after...there aren't many of us, but I really want to see what I might potentially look like once I am on the loser's bench!!!!

THANK YOU ALL, I love this forum and read it daily!

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if you have stretch marks from excess weight, you will have sagging skin...  the underlying connective tissue has been broken, and there is no putting it back together.... the skin will stay stretched out......   unfortunately, there is no way around that...... 

it's easy to say a product will do something, it's something else to provide verifiable proof of those claims....


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Hi Jerris,  i just got all excited.  I had never heard that before.  Is that really true?  Most of my excess weight is in my tummy, i have a huge tummy, but i don't have any stretch marks.  Does this mean maybe I won't have too much loose skin?  man i hope so,  take care jeani
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More You Tube bull manure!

Wearing compression clothing will do nothing for saggy skin.  Depending on your age, how your particular body works, and what your skin is like will determine how much saggy skin you will have.

I was amazed that I have as little as I do.  I mostly have a panni (the apron of excess skin that hangs down in front of what was once my massive belly.  I have a little on my thighs and upper arms, but not all that bad.  Considering that I was 65 when I had my surgery, and that I have lost over half of myself, that really isn't bad.

I have almost no pictures of me fat (I avoided them like the plague.  I do however have one on my page, and a couple along the way to goal.  I haven't posted a new one, because I haven't had one made.

Sufice to say I wore a size 66 waist pre-op, and I wear a size 36 (loosely) now.  I could probably wear a 34, but it would be tight.

BUT, do NOT compare yourself to anyone else.  You are unique, and you will lose at YOUR rate, your skin will sag or not sag as YOUR body determines, and you will have whatever result YOU choose to have.

Your surgery is kind of like having the worlds best table saw.  You can turn out fine furniture with one, or you can turn out junk.  It all depends on how you use it, and how much skill you develop along the way.  Losing weight is very similar, you do develop skills that will work for you, and everyone ends up with their own unique results at the end.

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on 6/28/10 12:49 pm
I agree 100% with Jeris on this one. I believe compression stuff works as well for sagging/excess skin as much as sleeping in a bra helps with saggy boobs.

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don't get me started on saggy boobs...  i had those before i had surgery...

gravity is not my friend!! 

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