Steri Strips and Showers

on 7/8/10 2:34 pm - Washington, DC
How long after surgery can you take a shower if you have steri strips?  For the life of me, I cannot remember. 

Fyi:  I had surgery 7 days ago and all of my steri strips are still on. 

Thanks for any info. 
on 7/8/10 2:41 pm, edited 7/8/10 2:45 pm
 I took them immediately.  Did your doc want you to keep the steri strips in place for a specified amount of time?  You can get them wet.  Don't scrub.

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on 7/8/10 2:42 pm
I took a shower when I got home from the hospital! The strips WILL stay on, I promise! Just don't scrub them. Don't peel them. Pat your tummy dry.

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on 7/8/10 2:52 pm - Riverside, CA
shower 48 hrs and steri stips stay on until they fall off, but I'm sure you will see your doc for post op anyday...right?
on 7/8/10 2:57 pm - Mesa, AZ
VSG on 06/28/10 with
I just saw my surgeon today and he gavee me adhesive remover they feel so much better now that those strips are off! Good luck
on 7/9/10 12:51 am
I took a shower in the hospital the next day.  You can get your tummy wet just pat it dry.  The steri stips will fall off or the doc might remove them at your appt.
on 7/9/10 1:30 am - Battle Creek, MI
Yep, what PBJ said:  I showered the next morning in the hospital, and doc took off what was left of the strips at my 1 wk post op appt.

Shower is ok, just couldn't soak in the tub
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on 7/9/10 1:35 am - Grandville, MI
i took a shower at the hospital the next day and was told to take one everyday after as normal.steri strips were my nemisis. as edges pull up on them just trim the dges so they arent so uncomfortable.eventually they will fall off but untill then mine itched the whole time grrr. when mine did come off i still had a sore which was at my waist line so i had to put loose band aid on it so it didnt rub on my jeans.
Longhorn Girl
on 7/9/10 1:41 am - Austin, TX
I only had to wait 48 hours after surgery for a shower. The strips won't come off. Just don't scrub them.
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