Gastric Reflux and Vertical Sleeve

on 7/14/10 12:41 pm

Has anyone with bad gastric reflux had the vertical sleeve done?? I have it pretty bad according to the UGI I just had and was wondering if anyone else has had the surgery with it.....  Im wondering if the surgeon will want me to do a different procedure.....  Thanks for any info....

on 7/14/10 1:11 pm - NH
My surgeon suggested RNY (gastric bypass) due to my long history of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).  I absolutely refused!  Despite 2 complete GI work ups (including just about every diagnostic known, and the last work up was completed not 3 months before my surgery), it turned out that my surgeon repaired a hiatal hernia found when he got in there to do the VSG.  Many people here report that they have hiatal hernia's repaired at the time of surgery.  That plays a huge role in reflux.  So too does being obese.

I am now close to 9 months out and my GERD is no worse.  I would say even improved, although I have NOT attempted to stop my PPI meds, yet.

If you are not on meds, give those a try and see if your reflux improves, before you have surgery.  DON'T let anyone decide which WLS you end up the research and make your own decisions.  I LOVE my sleeve and would not have wanted anything else.   Good luck.

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on 7/14/10 1:20 pm
 i had it pretty bad prior to surgery and was on 40mg nexium at night, that controlled it for me, when i had an upper Gi done they found a hiatal hernia, my surgeon said that she felt maybe because of it i should have a RNY because a sleeve could make it worse.   I told her i was prepared to take that chance because i really did not want an RNY. so she said ok.

After surgery it did get worse, i went from one 40mg nextium at night to one in the morning and one at night, then i found about 1 month out from surgery i was hungry about 10 mins after i had eaten so went to my surgeon and said i think its acid she said well i did tell you it might get worse... she added a zantac to take at night as well and that stopped all probs....
( when my surgeon went in to do the surgery she decided that the hernia was too small to bother fixing) alot of surgeons will fix hiatal hernia if  they find one at the time of surgery.

About month 5 i forgot to take my night nexium  and zantac and had no problems, so i left it off for a few days and still no probs... then i tried coming off the morning one as well and i had no probs.I  no longer take any meds for acid.

I LOVE my sleeve and i would do it again even if it meant being on the meds for ever. as the meds  controlled it with no issues.

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on 7/14/10 1:29 pm
I had a large hiatal hernia prior to surgery and horrible GERD.  My surgeon told me he would fix the hernia when he did the VSG and the reflux would be gone.  I have not had a single episode.  However, I do have to say that my doctor puts all his patients on PPI's (I am taking Nexium) for the first 3-6 months to help with healing and to keep the acid down while our bodies adjust to the changes that were made.

I have about 6 weeks left on the PPI and I will see if my reflux is gone for sure.
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on 7/14/10 1:32 pm
 I had reflux big time before surgery.  I did the upper GI and all they did was confirm the reflux, but when I actually had my surgery then the surgeon discovered that I had a nice sized hiatal hernia.  He fixed it while he was in there and I took the PPI pills for the first six weeks after surgery and since then nothing.  And the reflux is gone.... hopefully forever!  I don't think that you can guarantee yourself that it will get better but if the sleeve is what you want I wouldn't let it detour you from picking that type of surgery.
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on 7/14/10 11:01 pm - Acworth, GA
I lived on Prevacid 30 for 15 years, since my sleeve (and hernia repair at the same time) I no longer have a problem with GERD.
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on 7/14/10 11:41 pm
Thank you so much for all the input.... I think the sleeve is really what I am leaning towards and my mom is also doing this but the bariatrtian told her that with bad acid reflux they wont do the sleeve.... I meet with him on Aug 5th and I just wanted to have some input of what has happened with others....   I dont want the bypass I would much rather go with the sleeve....   I also know that several years ago when I did weigh****chers and lost 43 lbs my acid reflux went away and I went off the meds for it completely....  I do control it with prilosec... If I take a prilosec in the am I am fine all day....  So thanks for your comments....  I think Im on my way.... Im getting excited....
on 7/15/10 2:54 am - Davenport, IA
I had bad acid reflux before surgery and I have nothing now. My doctor never even mentioned that I couldn't get the sleeve because of that. I am very relieved that I can now eat anything and any combination of things and don't get the reflux!! It's wonderful! And, I don't take any PPI's.