How soon could you Exercise?????

on 8/16/10 12:09 pm - GA
Hi guys,
I'm having surgery in a week (can't believe it and nervous as all get-out), and I was wondering how long before you can exercise.  I know you're up and walking immediately, but I was curious about more intense exercising.  I have to replace the food with something, right???
on 8/16/10 12:31 pm - Avila Beach, CA
 Follow your surgeon's rules.

I was told to start with cardio as soon as I felt up to it.  Between energy levels and just recovering, at about 5 days I went to the gym, did 3-5 minutes on treadmill, bike, and elliptical.  I gradually added every day.  By day 10 I was doing about 30 minutes on treadmill or ellipitcal, by day 15 I went back to spin class, and on day 20 I started the C25K program.

I also week 4 started doing some body resistance, no weights. Squats, lunges, push-ups....

Listen to your body and your surgeon....

Good luck!
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on 8/16/10 12:36 pm - Aurora, CO
VSG on 07/17/10 with
Good question!  I recently hit a month out and have been wondering how it would feel for me to return to the gym.  I've been taking long walks, but they haven't been fast paced or strenuous, even though some have been well over an hour.

I will have to look through my paperwork to see what my doc said about it...
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on 8/16/10 12:47 pm - San Francisco, CA
Here' s the schedule I was given  and what I could actually do. Bottom line - do what you feel you can do, up the ante anytime you can.

weeks 0-2: walking only - this was all I could do (I could jog 4 miles the day before surgery)
weeks 2+: released for jogging - couldn't do it. I wasn't jogging until 4 weeks, this included anything "bouncy" or impact. even eliptical was a little bouncy
week 3+: biking - this was fine. i did it a ton. non-impact fab
week 6+: swimming - you need to wait for your incisions to heal
2 months +: ab work and weights - wasn't allowed to do anything straining while I healed.

I completed a sprint triathlon (1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run) at 7 weeks post up.

I was pretty fit going into the surgery but this should give you an idea.

Hope it helps.

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on 8/16/10 11:52 pm
VSG on 06/30/10 with
My doctor did not release me (with the exception of cardio****il week 6.  So I started P90X and light weights this week.  I am glad I waited.  It is also important to get good eating and drinking habits before you start.
Just My thoughts... 
on 8/17/10 11:41 am - santa barbara, CA
ask your MD for his specific instructions.
i was told cardio as soon as i heavy lifting for 6 weeks (no weight lifting) and ok to swim after 1 month (incision healing).
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Margo N.
on 8/17/10 11:49 am
I was released for walking only immediately - more strenuous was at about a month or 6 weeks I think.

In reality, I didn't get serious about exercise until I was 4 months out - it helped me alot to have lost a lot of the weight, making exercise way more comfortable, pain-free, and do-able in general. Now I work out usually 5 days a week and am feeling great!
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on 8/17/10 3:49 pm - Northern, CA
I went back to the gym at 2 weeks and was cleared to do whatever I wanted at 3 weeks. But I didn't want to do anything that stressed my core until about 6 weeks out (1-2 months). It just didn't feel right.

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