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sex after gastric sleeve

on 8/30/10 12:12 pm - Tucson, AZ

I am set to have my sleeve surgery this Friday.  My question is.. how lond do I have to wait before I can have sex again? 

on 8/30/10 12:18 pm - Rensselaer, NY
Funny how our minds work isn't it...this was one of my 1st questions with my told me it was up to how I was keep in mind I had my JP drain for a week post op...yuck....and I was sore for a few I would say it certainly depends on you....and how your feeling.... I was almost 4 weeks post op before having it....but can I tell ya I'm 4 months post op and it is AMAZING!!! Whooo it love it love
on 8/30/10 12:24 pm
 All depends on you... I'd have been comfortable with it about 4 days out or so, but waited a week to have the drain hanging off the front of me removed first. :D

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on 8/30/10 12:30 pm - Mobile, AL
VSG on 12/09/09 with
I'm so sorry to tell you but never your pee pee will stop working as soon as you have the surgery so have alot of sex before your VSG because thats it nomore for you hope I helped .


Vinny Mac

on 8/30/10 1:48 pm - Avila Beach, CA
 Vinny, you are hilarious!

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on 8/30/10 3:49 pm - COLLEGE STATION, TX crazy! 
on 8/30/10 12:28 pm - Avila Beach, CA
 Depends totally on how you feel.

For me it was about 2 weeks out.  Could have done it a week earlier but DH thought my sores looked icky and sore, they were icky but not was probably a good thing I waited....

But I felt pretty normal, well a little better at 2 weeks I had lost 18lbs, and my hubby had been dieting and he'd lost 15lbs! 

Now at 6 weeks, I'm down 30lbs, he's down 25lbs....all is good!!!!  
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on 8/30/10 12:28 pm - Newhall, CA
Hi, My surgeon said the same thing as soon as you feel up to it(G)?

Dawnie 88
on 8/30/10 12:30 pm
VSG on 04/16/10 with
My surgeon said when you felt up to it.  I didn't have a drain at all, and I think we waited til 2 weeks postop.


on 8/30/10 12:29 pm - Bonner Springs, KS
VSG on 04/20/10 with
I didn't come home with a drain, but I waited at least a week or so.  I don't think it would have been comfortable prior to that.
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on 8/30/10 12:34 pm
VSG on 07/13/10 with
My doc said the was up to me. I waited about 4 weeks because I just did not feel like it till then....
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on 8/30/10 1:12 pm - Tucson, AZ
Thank you al!  It has been a huge concern for myself and my husband...LOL!!  I had a GF tell me 8 weeks and I almost freaked!!  Glad to know I can as soon as I feel able!!! 

My surgery is so close now...  I can't wait to be done with it and coming out on the otherside!

natalie C.
on 8/30/10 1:14 pm - Hialeah, FL
i had sex the same the veryyy carefully

on 8/30/10 1:15 pm - Tucson, AZ
way to go!!!!!
on 8/30/10 1:26 pm - Athens, Greece
I couldn't even think of sex when I was at the hospital. And I couldn't even think of sex for almost 3 weeks out.


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on 8/30/10 1:51 pm
Yea I wasn't even awake really the first couple days .... I think it was a week or so, my husband can't go much longer than that

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on 8/30/10 8:00 pm - Naples, FL
VSG on 09/20/10 with
On August 30, 2010 at 1:51 PM Pacific Time, carabarnes wrote:
Yea I wasn't even awake really the first couple days .... I think it was a week or so, my husband can't go much longer than that
Now THERE'S a good woman.  I hope your hubby appreciates you.
on 8/30/10 3:12 pm - Canada
VSG on 08/09/10 with
I held off for 6 days,,,, had surgery on monday, and was feeling great by saturday, so we went for it! My only advice would be to take it easy, my stomach muscles were really sore the next day!
on 8/30/10 5:55 pm mean with another person???
on 1/2/13 1:00 am

yes i am going thru the procedure but i need to know  willit takes wks of getting back to the old me  cause i was told the gastric sleeve  was good for me  but my dr said it is safe  and sex wont tear my staples apart