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Being brave - pics of my batwing arms and tummy...and some before and afters

Mandyplus2 ..
on 9/26/10 8:31 am, edited 9/26/10 8:55 am - GA
I've had a lot of people ask me about loose skin and I have to say that my arms bother me the worst. I'm hoping they tone up a bit now that I'm incorporating weights into my exercise routine (I just started the weights this week).

I am still 22 lbs from goal (though I'd like to lose about 30 more lbs). I tried to get a few angles...

Holding my arm loose

Making a muscle...grrrr

Raised up



reaching for my water bottle
Picture8232.jpg picture by laney_lue

Otherwise, my arms look pretty normal
Picture8256.jpg picture by laney_lue

Picture8226.jpg picture by laney_lue

Picture8265.jpg picture by laney_lue

My belly isn't too bad with undies on...keep in mind I also had a 8 1/2 lb and a 10 lb baby. I could use a tummy tuck but I'm not stressing over it. My skin has a bad reaction to surgical tape so I have a lot of little scars all over from my skin scabbing over where the tape was.

Yes, I still have cellulite

Picture8300.jpg picture by laney_lue


A few before and afters for those researching weight loss surgery. It's SO worth it!!
044-1.jpg picture by laney_lue

DSC02052.jpg picture by laney_lue

036.jpg picture by laney_lue

Me and my cute husband many years ago
048.jpg picture by laney_lue

Me and my cute husband yesterday

Picture8030.jpg picture by laney_lue

 5'8" - 40 years old

(deactivated member)
on 9/26/10 8:33 am
Mandy, you look fabulous.  You hardly have any bat wings at all.  Don't stress about them, nobody else will even notice, because they are so busy looking at your beautiful self.
Dawnie 88
on 9/26/10 8:35 am
VSG on 04/16/10 with
you look gorgeous!  I don't think your arms look bad at all (and look at that muscle!!).

I hope i look as good as you when I'm at goal! Keep it up, you have to be so proud of yourself!


Mandyplus2 ..
on 9/26/10 8:38 am, edited 9/26/10 8:38 am - GA
Thank you ladies!!

They really bother me but I self-paid for the VSG and have no money for plastics. I'm hoping that insurance will cover a breast lift/reduction but I won't know until I make goal (for insurance to pay, they have to remove a minimum weight of tissue from the breasts). I'll just have to live with the arms and stomach. Ah well.
 5'8" - 40 years old

Lori L.
on 9/26/10 9:17 am - Georgetown, TX
Wow!  You are such an inspiration!!!  "All of you" looks great and no wonder your cute husband is 'twinklin' as he stands beside you!  I am not quite a month out from surgery (27 days) and can only hope for my 'ol arms to look as great as yours!  Keep it up!  And thank you so much for sharing!
Btw...I talked to my daughter's high intensity trainer (my daughter plays HS volleyball on the way to playing in college and is at 18%BF---ugh! so was her moma at 16 yrs old) and he told me that regarding all the studies he has read regarding skin and it's elasticity...even though some is genes and age...the best thing for skin is water,  'high quality protein, good nutrition and of course weight training.  He told me it might take up to 1 year AFTER I am at goal and consistant weight training to see where my skin on my belly and arms/legs/breasts will really end up be patient with yourself.  You are much younger than I I bet with a little time you will be where you want to be---but heck, you look great!

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on 9/26/10 9:41 am - Yonkers, NY
I am just starting my journey and have lost only 4lbs re-op nutrition I think you look great and hope my results are just as god as yours. Keep up the good work.
on 9/26/10 8:39 am - Houston, TX
You look great!  Congrats on your success. 

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on 9/26/10 8:39 am - Aurora, CO
VSG on 07/17/10 with
Wow, your befores/afters are amazing!  And yes, I agree, I would say don't worry about your arms at all!  They look so great!  But I understand how we all amplify things we dont like about our bodies :)
Your hubby is so cute!
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on 9/26/10 8:42 am - New York, NY
Honestly, you look really good. I can hardly tell from the pictures. Hope you're proud of your accomplishments...You've done Great!!!

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on 9/26/10 8:42 am - Sacramento, CA
you look mahhhhvelous dahling!your arms look great and i had some problems with the tape leaving marks on me too...
on 9/26/10 8:50 am - Houston, TX
Let me say you do look beautiful. I do have a question, did you have a panni before. Your stomach looks so flat. I'm so worried about this area when I lose weight.

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Mandyplus2 ..
on 9/26/10 9:13 am - GA
I did a little bit. About 15 lbs ago I was dead set on needing a tummy tuck, and while I still could use one, my stomach looks better and better the closer I get to goal. It will be a shrivel-y raisin stomach, but as long as it looks ok in clothing, I am satisfied.
 5'8" - 40 years old

on 9/26/10 8:51 am - Weston, FL
You look fantastic !! Congrats !!

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on 9/26/10 9:02 am
VSG on 11/13/10 with
on 9/26/10 9:04 am
What a transformation! You are SO HOT! I bet your DH feels he won the lottery b/c you are EYE CANDY!! :)

Congrats on  your success!!!!! 

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on 9/26/10 9:05 am
VSG on 11/13/10 with
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I have been wondering/worrying about excess skin. You're starting weight is my exact weight so if my body turns out like your body, I will be THRILLED!!! Keep up the good work!!!

HW: 275   (09/12/10) 27 pounds lost pre-op
SW: 248   (11/13/10)  
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on 9/26/10 9:09 am - Youngstown, OH
Beautiful pics.  I you never said anything, We would have not seen anything wrong with you arms.  Keep up the great work.
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on 9/26/10 9:27 am - Becker, MN
VSG on 10/18/10 with
You're a beautiful woman, before and after.  Your arms are fine and so is your belly.  Time and focused exercise will do the trick.  You truly are an inspiration and I can't wait to be where you're sitting.  BTW, your husband knows he hit the jackpot!!! You can see it in his eyes. 
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on 9/26/10 9:29 am - Norman, OK
VSG on 03/08/10 with
Mandy, I have some batwings myself. They look similar to yours and I have been thinking about doing weights now instead of just cardio. I know if we would do that we would tone up sssooo quick! I too have a raisin belly. I had twins and am 4' 10", so they really stretched me out. I will get a tummy tuck and a boob job in the next couple of years. My boobs look very sad and barely have any tissue in them nowadays. All together, though, we look like different people!! So happy with my success with VSG and you look AWESOME!

on 9/26/10 9:29 am - Durango, CO
VSG on 06/08/10 with
Mandy I think you look great...I don't see bat wings at all! Your arms look great and so does your tummy. I don't think I'm going to be so lucky but then I'm 50 so I guess I shouldn't expect it. ha!

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