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What happens to the staples after the sleeve surgery?

on 9/26/10 8:33 pm - Houston, TX
I was just wondering if the staples stay in your stomach or are they special dissolvable ones?  Thanks!

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on 9/26/10 8:35 pm - Jacksonville, FL
VSG on 06/04/09 with
They stay in your stomach forever. They are titanium and will not interfere with any tests you might need or at airport security.
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diane S.
on 9/26/10 9:28 pm
yep, they are yours for life. but in the long run they are not what holds you together. your body heals over them with scar tissue and thats your new "seam".  my surgeon showed us a rubber stomach with the staples in it. they are actually very small and fine - look like 1/8 inch sewing machine stitching. and there are several parallel rows of them. not some junky thing like out of an office stapler. i felt better seeing what they looked like. D

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George B.
on 9/27/10 6:56 am - Miami, FL
By three months post-op your stomach will have grown over and completely covered the staple line.