Depressed- No weight loss 2wks after surgery

DallasCheer Chick
on 10/1/10 11:36 am - Dallas, TX
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Help!! I had surgery 8/31 and have not lost any weight in over 2 weeks. I would think it would be too soon for such a stall. I have only lost 15 pounds total. Any suggestions. I know the further out u get the slower the lost, but only 15 pounds in over a month is really worrying me.
on 10/1/10 11:41 am - Rhinelander, WI
Ah the dreaded week 3 stall. I'd wager the majority of the people here had it. It's your body adjusting to the trauma it just went though. That first burst of weight loss postop is usually water/fluid retention being released. Don't worry, it will end and the scale will move again. My stall (which started at the end of my second week postop) lasted 18 days. Hang in there!


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on 10/1/10 12:00 pm - Copake, NY
I had a VSG on 9/13/10 and am frustrated that I am already stalled.  I had lost 12 pounds in the first 10 days and nothing in the past week.  I am also still having ALOT of pain in my right upper abdomen and having a delayed pain in my stomach after swallowing.  I'm trying to tell myself it will get better but am a little discouraged.  
on 10/1/10 12:24 pm
 I am glad you shared this.  If I had a problem like this I too would feel awful.  Yet, thats why this board is so great.  Wishing you the best with your weight loss.  Hang in there:)
on 10/1/10 12:26 pm
I stalled at two weeks also. It will pass.  Hang in there.  coco135
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on 10/1/10 12:45 pm
I stalled at 10 days thru 5.5 weeks! 
on 10/1/10 1:02 pm - The Colony, TX
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I stalled at wk 3 too... Just start log everything you eat, get your water, and a 30 min walk several days a week.

I really like MsShell "what are you eating" posts, its good place to get feedback if you think your intake is too much.

We all lose differently.. So hang in there, keep to plan and work it!

Also.. Post your questions..this is a great group!

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diane S.
on 10/1/10 2:08 pm
EVERYONE stalls in the first month at some point. So long as you are following your eating instructions you will lose weight. I was sort of slow in the early months and my surgeon thought i would end up at 150 to 160 because of that. i am at 136. things sped up after a few months. no clue why. everyone is different but the only thing that is certain is that everyone has one or more stalls and they do pass. promise. gl. D

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on 10/1/10 3:34 pm - Nashville, TN
I am in the stall myself.  Hang in there, we'll come out of it.
on 10/1/10 3:43 pm - Las Vegas, NV
Right along with you! Stalled on day 12, and have been there the past 9 days! We will make it through this.