Is it OK to drink alcohol 3 days prior to surgery?

on 10/7/10 10:10 am - Ponchatoula, LA
I've had plans for several months to go out this Saturday night with friends, and my VSG is on MONDAY.  I'd really like to be able to have a few drinks...just wondering if doing this would be OK three days prior to the procedure.  Your insight is appreciated!!

on 10/7/10 10:21 am - Surprise, AZ
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I would call and ask the doctor. But.. if it were me I doubt that I would drink that close to surgery.
on 10/7/10 10:28 am, edited 10/7/10 10:33 am - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
They want you to detox your liver...The smaller the liver the better. Giving the liver alcohol 3 days prior isn't a good plan. But, your choice. Just higher chances of them nicking it while in there laproscopically..

Good luck!!



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on 10/7/10 10:29 am
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I know many will have different opinions than mine. I was in mexico for my surgery. And the night before I had ONE margarita - and a weak one at that..  Kind of a farewell party to my old life. The alcohol will be long gone out of your system by surgery time. A huge concern for us having surgery is that we will give up our addiction to food and pick up another - alcohol.
I say, have a couple, enjoy them. Because you will have to limit them (or give them up) after surgery.


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on 10/7/10 11:25 am, edited 10/7/10 12:02 pm - Katy, TX
Most docs, including mine want you to do either a liquid diet or low fat diet for a period of time prior to surgery to SHRINK YOUR LIVER before surgery. Alcohol plays no role in shrinking your liver. Not saying that it's good for your liver because we all know it's not. I would not recommend drinking the night before surgery because of the anesthesia and basically wouldn't want to feel like crap going in to a major surgery but I personally would have a few drinks three days prior as long as I didn't get ****!
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on 10/7/10 11:56 am - Jacksonville, FL
My doctor said as long as it was a clear liquid! Just don't go overboard. I didn't have to start liquids until 48 hours before surgery.
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on 10/7/10 12:25 pm - Ponchatoula, LA
My Dr. didn't put me on any special pre-op diets...he just said the usual NPO after midnight the night before surgery.  I even asked specifically if I had to be on liquids only and he said "no".
George B.
on 10/8/10 2:49 am - Miami, FL
My doctor does not give you a pre-op diet. I was allowed to eat and drink what I wanted till 12 hours before surgery. I don't think there would be a problem if you had a few drinks on Saturday if your surgery was on Monday. The alcohol will be out of your system by Monday.

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