Lip balm and oxygen

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I use supplemental oxygen at home and was told years ago NOT to use Chapstick, Vaseline, or any petroleum based product when I'm using my supplemental oxygen. So when I was told to bring a non-petroleum based lip balm with me to the hospital, I brought my peppermint flavored Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. No worries.

Anyhow, when people ask why they're not supposed to use a petroleum based product with oxygen ... here's a good explanation I found long ago that makes sense and is easy to understand.

According to studies at the Maryland Respiratory Care Clinic and the Cleveland Medical Health Lab, both medical testing facilities, Vaseline or any petroleum based balm on the lips or nares in an oxygen soaked environment such as a hospital room or surgery suite can cause a flash fire when the vaseline evaporates. the evaporated vaseline or petroleum based balm causes a gas, when combined with oxygen, and a static electric discharge (for example, from a ringing telephone, a short circuit from a wire, a cell phone ringing, nylon socks rubbing back and forth across the sheets, etc.) can cause a flash fire.  Hospitals are not willing to take the chance of them happening.  There are numerous cases of surgical fires, but fewer reported cases of room fires, possibly due to fact that they are underreported. 

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My lips, my lips, my lips are on fire!

Yes I need some water, please do not let my lips burn!!

Sometimes they why helps folks remember better!  Thank you for sharing your know!

*edit to add - whooot!  Your new avatar is supaBEAUTY baby!
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Thanks for the whoot! I'm feeling good with the changes and can hardly believe the difference when I see photos of myself now. 

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Wait until you get *used* to having to REintroduce yourself to people, because they do not recognize you until they hear your voice AND you TELL THEM ITS YOU!!

Its strange when you talk to someone and can see in their eyes, they do not know its you!  Then the shift when they *see* you!


I am glad you feel good girlie!  its worth a millionzillion bucks!

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Yikes...I never knew that.  My mom uses oxygen 24/7.  I need to tell her.  Thanks for the info.
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Wow...just last week I was slathering it on because my nose was sore from the cold I had! Thanks for sharing!

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