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Received this today from my doctor regarding hair loss:
"Hair loss" is really a misnomer.  What you are experiencing is fracturing of weak hair shafts that occur about 1/2 inch out of your scalp.  This occurs because of a short period of protein malnutrition the few weeks following surgery, so therefore, eating more protein now will not help the problem.  Maintain your current diet recommendations and you may want to try "Biotin", which is a B vitamin or a shampoo that will coat and strengthen your hair.  Once again, do not try to eat more protein, you will only take in too many calories that may stall weight loss, and will not help your hair.


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thanks again! you answered both of my questions.
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We all loose hair after surgery ... some more than others ... mine started at month 3 by then I started getting my protien in ....  Minor issue but does scare you a bit.     By month 5 I just realized that my hair loss had stopped. 

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Thank you so much for posting this. I have been looking up info on this all night. My husband got worried instantly when he heard about the hair loss, not because of how it wil look, but because of the implication of malnutrition. I'm a little worried too, but I know overall I will be healthier, even if I have a small window of malnutrition.

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Does this seem normal to have hair breakage...not from the hair shaft but just 7 weeks? I have been having this problem for a couple weeks. I get my protein in...
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i had heard an explanation that made more sense for my experience, although both may have a lot of truth to them.
i heard that the hair actually comes out from the roots (i have checked mine repeatedly and they are always intact hairs with roots attached), and that the growth cycle of hair includes prophase (growth) and anaphase (death) and that we have a certain percent of our hairs in each phase at any time, but a major stressor can kick an abnormal amount of hair into anaphase at once (surgery, major diet change), and that it does not fall out then, but when the new hair starts to grow in (prophase begins again) then the old hair is pushed out of the shaft and we 'shed'.
i guess i buy this explanation more because all my roots are intact, but like i said, i bet both are somewhat true.
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My hair came out from the roots also!  I was able to get in 90gm's of protein starting the day after surgery and my hair still fell out between the months of 4-7.  I think it's pretty much stopped now, but I don't really buy into your doctor's explination.
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This is exactly what my dermatologist explaned to me about the phases of hair growth. He said that at any given time ten percent of you hair is in the anaphase cycle and with the stress of surgery and rapid wt loss up to 80% of you hair can go from prophase to anaphase. He also told me NOT to take Biotin, that it does not stop shedding but used to be thought to help regrowth of hair but has been shown to be ineffective. He went on to say that you will not notice alot of regrowth but will notice shedding slowing to a normal rate.
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anytime I had surgery (or babies) I lost hair -- 3-5 months on the dot

I think it's the anesthesia -- in the end, it comes back

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