Drinking alcohol?

on 12/15/10 2:48 am - Austin, TX
VSG on 11/23/10 with
So I've been a regular drinker since I was in high school. I'm 31, single, and it's a regular part of my social life. I will have a glass or 2 or 3 of wine/vodka/beer after a hard day at work, when celebrating something, while watching sports, you name it.

I wasn't allowed to drink for 2 weeks pre op to shrink my liver. (hardest thing ever btw) after surgery, I don't even want it anymore. I realize this is great for me because of the empty calories, etc. but I don't understand where this change came from! It's like when the appetite hormone was removed, so was the alcohol craving one. Has anyone else gone through this?
on 12/15/10 4:20 am - Sacramento, CA
a lady in our group was having a drink or two every day and she developed an liver infection called Pancreatitis.  I have had a few sips of wine at a wedding and dinner, but not a big drinker overall.
on 12/15/10 6:02 am - South Bay , CA
VSG on 09/21/10 with
That has happened to me but not with alcohol... it happened with bread! I loved bread before the surgery... had to have it with all my meals and if it wasn't bread it was a tortilla or biscuit. After surgery I can't stand bread. Which is good... but I don't understand the change. I finally stopped questioning it and realized that it's an added plus to having the WLS.

Do you not want it at all or just not as much?
on 2/24/11 10:47 am
just be happy, I am 33 happily married w 3 chidren, class mom, brownie leader, on the pta.  a"normal" person.  I rarely drank before surgery & now I can't because about 2 years ago it became a huge problem for me.  I would have 8,9,10 drinks!!!  everynight!!!!  no one would have though that I was drinking that much, no one from my daily life would have imagined me so dysfunction.  but I was it was me, a totally functional alcoholic.  I saw the problem & stopped, its a problem for many who had the surgery.  and believe me we all think "it won't be me"  but its a transferance issue, I used to eat & now I can't so I replce eating w something else.
best of luck to you & my advice is just stay away from the alchol

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