Exercise After Surgery

on 12/16/10 12:01 pm - MO
How long after surgery was it before you got the okay to go to the gym again?  Not just to walk for a few minutes but to get on the elliptical or bike for 30 minutes or so? 

After you got the okay to go to the gym or workout at home, how long was it before you really went back to a good workout?

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Morning of Surgery: 248 lbs.
1st Month: -20.4 lbs.
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on 12/16/10 12:14 pm
My surgeon told me I could do elliptical, as much as I feel comfortable doing, at 2-3 weeks and then can go back to full activity at 6 weeks (weights, etc.) :) 

on 12/16/10 12:17 pm - calgary, Canada
 I started going hard at the gym at 6 weeks, I've been getting terrific workouts even starting jogging and doing yoga. I do 40-60 mins minimum on the machines when I work out. Everything has gone very well. That being said start out slow and keep in tune with how you're feeling (pain, light headedness etc) and most importantly BRING WATER!

Good luck!!
on 12/16/10 12:19 pm - AZ
My surgeon told me to walk an hour a day when I went for my 2 week post op visit, and I was cleared to swim. It took me about 8 weeks to get up to a good routine, but I'm much older than you are, so you might be able to start building up at 6 weeks or so.

You're still healing for 6 weeks, at least, so don't try and push the harder workout until you have your doctor's okay.


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on 12/16/10 12:37 pm - MO
Thank you all for your replies.  Greatly appreciated!

WLS Consult Weight: 278.01 lbs.
Morning of Surgery: 248 lbs.
1st Month: -20.4 lbs.
on 12/16/10 1:19 pm - San Francisco, CA
Ok. I'll caveat this with the comment that I was fit but fat before the surgery and pushed myself pretty hard. But here was my approved schedule. As time went on I added everything from the earlier weeks.

0-2weeks: walking lots of it
2-4 weeks: non impact cardio (biking, eliptical - but even that was too bouncy for me at the beginning)
4-6 weeks: jogging
6-8 weeks: swimming (only if incisions are fully healed)
2 months: weights
3 months: ab work

it's amazing what you can do if you try. I finished a triathlon 7 weeks post op.

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on 2/21/14 10:20 am

thanks for this info.  I am scheduled for my VSG July first and was worried about how long it would be until I could get back to the gym. 

on 2/23/14 4:31 am - Harrisburg, PA
VSG on 03/07/14 with

I am currently squatting 550lbs, leg press is 700lbs, calf extensions is 280lbs, bench press is 185lbs. All are for 3 sets of 12 on alternating days. I also dead lift 300lbs.  (I work other things as well, but these are the heaviest I lift) Can I go back to that kind of weight after 8-12 weeks?

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on 12/16/10 3:36 pm - San Diego, CA
My surgeon said I can start going to the gym at 3 weeks out, but not to over-exert myself, if something feels like it's too much then back off.  However, he said by my 1 month follow-up I need to be doing more than just walking  .