what am i doing wrong ? ? ?

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on 12/19/10 10:53 pm - Edgewood, MD
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I am almost 5 weeks post-op. I have been at 230lbs for almost 2 weeks. Am I doing something wrong??? I have been eating alot of low fat cheeses and groung turkey. I have been walking alot. Why am I stuck for sooo long?? Is there anything I can do to kick start myself again?? I feel so down :(
on 12/19/10 10:56 pm
 at 3 weeks i stopped losing. it lasted 3 miserably long weeks. totally sucked. but it will pass, and you'll be sooo excited when you start losing again. 
I'm 28, 5'7 and have a bougie size 36 french, not oversewn.
Capacity for dense protein: about 3 oz. Also...only lost 2 lbs pre-op.
on 12/19/10 11:03 pm - Burbank, CA
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You are in the VERY common 3 week stall, my dear.  Almost everyone goes through it.  And through it you will.  You are not doing a thing wrong, in fact, you are right on track!!

Keep on, keepin' on sister!!!
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on 12/19/10 11:10 pm - Middle River, MD
 You need me as your personal cheerleader! 


I know you don't like protein, but maybe you're not getting enough in.
Try Carnation Instant Start Sugar Free. It's REALLY good. And, you get like 14 grams of protein per serving if you make it with Skim Milk! 
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on 12/19/10 11:17 pm - Edgewood, MD
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i am going to the store today to find some high protein goodies. im getting worried about the protein intake. but hopefully i will find some good stuff that i dont hate !!

its just so discouraging to get on the scale and see the same number....
on 12/19/10 11:37 pm
Hi Jodie,

Don't be discouraged...you are so normal!  but I know it is hard.  Hang in there...make sure you are getting tons of water in and enough protein.  This will pass..I promise!

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on 12/20/10 12:01 am
I am at 6 weeks and have just hit my first stall.  I am frustrated just like you, but remember by this time next year this will be a distant memory.
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on 12/20/10 1:04 am
Ahhh... the dreaded 3 week stall.  Mine lasted 2 1/2 weeks.  There really is not much you can do other than wait it out.  Hang in there girl, the scale is bound to start moving soon.
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on 12/20/10 1:36 am - Los Angeles, CA
I also hit the 3 week stall, lasted 2 weeks and then BAM, lost 6 pounds "overnight."  Hang in there.  You'll be over the hump soon (at least until your next stall).  Happens to many of us. 

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on 12/20/10 6:31 am - MD
Jodie I am 8 weeks out & have been stuck at the same weight for the last 2 weeks even with doing the elliptical every single day! I  think the stalls are something we are gonna have to get use.to.  Some people have more than others, but I think patience is virtue!!!  I cut out some of the carbs I was eating, even though it wasn't a lot, I cut them out anyway.  I'm hoping to start losing again soon.  I try to see the upside, there use to be a time when I would see the scale go up daily!!  At least we're not gaining.  Hang in there with me,  we gotta start losing soon. :)
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