questions for surgeon

on 12/19/10 10:26 am - TN
scared out of my mind I am so nervous I am meeting surgeon on wed . what are some questions I should go armed with....please help me
on 12/19/10 10:45 am - Wichita, KS

Here is a link to a previous post with questions: Today-1-week-pre-op/

I also have my first round of questions on my profile if those might help.  Nothing is a stupid question.

Good luck!

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on 12/19/10 10:46 am - CA
First I asked my surgeon, "How many VSG's has he performed in the last year, and how many he averaged a week and month?" I also asked him, "What is his percentage of complications during and after surgery?" Also "What size bougie does he use and does it change from patient to patient?" I also asked "When does he perform the leak test?" Some surgeons do it at the last stage of surgery or a day later. Mine does both. Also ask do they oversew for extra leak protection. Some use glue also.
You shouldn't be scared. It was a real comforting experience for me and you should be comfortable with your surgeon. If he's a good surgeon he'll answer all your questions and leave you feeling empowered and excited.
Hope that helps
on 12/19/10 10:56 am
Deep breaths, this is exciting!  Here are some things I asked my surgeon:

1) what do I need to do for pre-op (tests and such)
2) Do you have a program to help with pre/post surgery follow up (support classes, nutritionist etc)
3) Does your office handle the insurance piece or do I need to do all the follow up for pre-op? (making sure docs send in all pre op info)
4) How small/big do you cut the stomach for your VSG patients? (Can range from 30 french to 40 french bougie, pronounced "boo-she" or he may use an endescope as a guide)
5) What are the statistics of his WLS practice of complications after surgery?
6) What is his expectaion of your weight loss after surgery? Some surgeons are really aggressive about their patients losing x lbs by x date. Mine is cool about it, he just wants me losing.  
7) Does the hospital, and his practice, have the Bariatric Center of Excellence certification?

These are just some questions you might ask.  Good luck!  Your doc should make you feel relaxed, not upset.  If you don't have a good gut feeling with him, don't choose him because you will be spending a lot of time with him in the future.
on 12/19/10 12:04 pm - TN
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
on 12/22/10 4:30 pm - Palm Bay, FL

I interviewed my surgeon on camera for my video journal. Here's the link:

He did a great job answering questions about the surgery.

Linda B.
on 3/10/11 1:07 pm - CA
Hey Mr Smiley!
Thanks for recommending this place. I find everyone really helpful and nice. Hope all is well with you! 10 more days till my surgery!

on 3/1/11 9:50 am - FL
Great video.  Dr. Domkowski will be doing my surgery (vsg) on March 11, 2011.