How long off work after surgery?

on 12/20/10 12:55 pm - Hayward, CA

I am trying to plan ahead and am wondering how long people were off of work after surgery.

I work a desk job and file folders are the heaviest thing I pick up.    I have an almost 3 year old which I think will give me more problems then work...  I have arrangements for her for the first 7-10 days.

So how long were you out of work?   How long do you think you should have taken off?

on 12/20/10 1:01 pm - Norwalk, CA

maybe 2 weeks. but its really how you feel. i dont do much at work and still took 1 month off. i took really good care of my self. its not the work so much. its the activitys we do. so take it really easy but just cause you feel better doesnt mean you are. our bodys take 3 months to go back to normal.

and about your 3 year old just let him/her be ,dont over stressed your self

on 12/20/10 1:09 pm - Gilbert, AZ
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At least 2 weeks off, and if you have the option of taking more time, I would seriously consider it.  I have never seen anyone post how happy they were to be back at work, whether it was 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 6 weeks.  Now some of that is just our love for having time off, but a lot of it was the need to just figure out their new anatomy and having enough energy to get back into their work life.

I am almost 5 weeks post op, and I am lucky that I don't have a job right now.  For me, I could have sucked it up to work at 4 weeks, but 6 weeks would be a lot better.
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on 12/20/10 5:33 pm - San Diego, CA
Today (Monday the 20th) was 2 weeks since my surgery and I could have returned to work today.  I'm still off work only because I happened to have a lot of "use or lose" vacation time to get used.  However, I didn't have any pain (gas or incisional pain) from surgery day on; however, due to residuals from anesthesia and/or adjusting to such few calories coming in, I had a lot of fatigue.  Last week I was still taking a nap  most days, even though I was sleeping about 10 hours most nights.  So while you hopefully won't have any pain, you will likely still have trouble withstanding an 8-hour workday for about the first 2 weeks.
on 12/20/10 5:42 pm - Chicago, IL
VSG on 11/10/10 with
I was able to get 6 weeks, but I could've gone back around 3-4 easily.
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on 12/20/10 10:32 pm - Mansfield, TX
I took one full week off and went back 1/2 days on my second week.  I also work and desk job and that worked out fine for me...but everyone is different.

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on 12/21/10 12:21 am - TX
I took a month off 1. because I could and 2. because the doc kept stressing that this was major surgery.  When I went back, it was like I'd never been gone.  My energy was back to normal, didn't feel the urge to nap in the afternoon, and I was feeling good.  Could have gone back earlier, but I'm glad I didn't.
on 12/21/10 12:59 am - TX
Two weeks wasn't quite enough for me, but I returned anyway. But I had bronchitis too! But it was really not until the end of the 4th week that I started feeling more energetic.
on 12/21/10 8:04 am - WA
I am a personal banker and I also have a three year old. My surgery was open, and I returned exactly two weeks after my surgery with no problem. I didn't have a lot of time to take off of work so I used the two weeks I had. 

The only reason I think maybe that I would have liked more time was to regulate my diet and get in a good routine with it.