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Pants after Surgery (Ouchey on Incisions)

on 12/20/10 4:40 pm - Phoenix, AZ
VSG on 12/28/10 with
So I am packing for the next few weeks post-surgery and I remember after having my appendix out that I didn't want to wear pants for weeks afterwards since I had incisions on my stomach.

Has anyone else had a stricly dress period, haha. If so how long did it last before you felt comfortable wearing pants?
on 12/20/10 4:43 pm - Germany
I wore my jeans home and my incision sites didnt hurt at all.. but I know everyone is different so I would probably bring some comfortable pants just in case.
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on 12/20/10 4:47 pm - Phoenix, AZ
VSG on 12/28/10 with
Yeah I plan on doing that, mostly comfy dresses. Maybe I am just a wuss! :)

I wonder if it depends on the location of the incisions as well.
on 12/20/10 4:53 pm - Germany
I had 5 incisions.. the largest was 2in long right above my naval.. the rest made a diamond shape on my stomach lol.. 2 were about 1in long and the other 2 were about half an inch long.
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on 12/20/10 4:47 pm - San Diego, CA
An appendectomy incision is lower than the VSG incisions.  I wore jeans home from surgery, but I didn't pull them up onto my stomach, I let them stay a bit below my belly.  I had no problems whatsoever that way, so you should be fine if you keep your jeans low.
on 12/20/10 4:59 pm - Wichita, KS
VSG on 12/07/10 with
My lowest incision is about where my belly button is so they aren't all that low.  If you have high waisted pants, leave those home but the others should be fine.  I also have a comression garmet (basically it wraps around me and closes with velcro) that I can wear under anything.  But the best way to ensure I wouldn't hurt my incisions was to wear a tank top or T-shirt under my shirt and tuck it into my pants.  That covered my belly and just made me feel better about everything.

Good luck!

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on 12/20/10 5:24 pm - St Catharines, Canada

I had my surgery on Nov 22nd and I still find it uncomfortable to have pants on for long periods of time. I most certainly cant wear anything tight. My tummy is still somewhat numb though so I think that is why?
on 12/20/10 6:08 pm - NJ
I wore my jeans home from the hospital.  Luckily they were a little loose from losing weight before the surgery since my stomach was a little swollen.  I would wear elastic waist pants if I had to do it again.

on 12/20/10 6:09 pm - CA
I wore jeans on Saturday and they were uncomfortable that I barely made through the movie. I made my husband stop at Ross and bought me some maternity pants to wear for x-mas dinner at my sister houses.
sleeve genie
on 12/20/10 6:15 pm - Alhambra, CA
The only pants i ever wore before had elastic waists.   I just bought a pair of jeans with a zipper  size 14 yeah.   I wore the same clothes home that i wore going in.  Take care jeani
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on 12/20/10 6:49 pm
 The first 2-3 weeks my tummy was very sensitive to the waistband!  I lived in nightgowns or pjs the first week.  The most comfortable things were my hubby's gym shorts, pulled down low like the kids wear.  Not good for going out in! :)  When I went back to work after 2 weeks, i usually had to leave the button undone.  Much better now and can tolerate the waistbands again.

Oh, lower rise undies help too if you were previously a brief wearer.  I made a special trip to the store for those.  They are so much more comfortable!
on 12/20/10 7:34 pm - CA
I had to wear dress pants back to work and I had a problem with one of the incisions rubbing on the waist band.  I covered it with a bandaid and it healed fine.
on 12/20/10 8:30 pm
I have been living in yoga pants. My jeans still don't fit unless I squeeze my stomach into it's a no-go.

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on 12/20/10 10:24 pm - San Felipe, Mexico
VSG on 12/06/10 with
Yoga pants babe! Wide band and lace up your runners and take a walk while you;re at it! LOL!
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on 12/21/10 8:21 am - Edgewood, MD
VSG on 11/16/10 with
i tried to wear longer shirts and had my pants waist under my belly. didnt have any problems