ok, so I'm not the smartest cookie in the bunch...how do I change my weight on the darn...

on 12/22/10 2:48 am
VSG on 12/06/10 with
Ok, don't laugh.  Heck, it took me an hour to figure out how to even add the weight thingie to begin with!! LOL.  Now I have no idea how to make the scale move.  Maybe at some point I'll become smart enough to add a picture!
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on 12/22/10 2:53 am - Novato, CA
Click on "My OH" then on the left hand side, click "Health Tracker". Then you can enter your weight there under the "Body" tab. Wait til you get a message saying it has been saved and then you can click on "Tickers&Widgets" to check it. Good luck!
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on 12/22/10 2:53 am - Los Angeles, CA
Go to health tracker and change your weight in your profile.  It will then automatically change the weight on your ticker, if you've created one.  However, it takes a few hours before it becomes "permanent," so if you post or reply to someone else's message shortly after changing the weight in your health tracker, the new weight won't show up.

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on 12/22/10 3:12 am
VSG on 12/06/10 with
Thank you!!!
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on 11/26/11 7:51 am - East Amherst, NY
Hi Jennifer -

How do I change the script that I wrote baout my ticker? It's seriously outdated and I cannot for the life of me find out how to change it!

Thanks -

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on 12/22/10 7:15 am - WA
I have been on her since Oct jengo and just figured it out yesterday! lol