Premier Protein Shakes At Sam's Club!!!

on 1/5/11 8:36 am - West Minneapolis Suburbs, MN
Hi OHers!!

I just bought some Premier protein shakes at Sam's club that have 30gms of whey protein GREAT! huh? So As I was wheeling them out i asked the service desk if I could bring them back if I didnt like them, and they said, .............."Yes, bring them right back for a refund!" So there you go! You can go to Sam's and take stuff home, if  you do not like them, you can bring them back. But, this is the best protein shake I have tasted and this include Muscle Milk, and it has the most protein.
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on 1/5/11 8:43 am - Germantown, MD
VSG on 08/18/10 with
 I hated Muscle Milk, LOL.

I didn't know they were selling Premier at Sam's Club now, I know you can get it at Costco, though. Most people seem to like the Premier. I don't really need a ready to drink but, if I do, I know which one I'm trying next.
Andrea G.
on 1/5/11 8:54 am
I drink Premier (purchased at Costco) every day... it's the only protein drink I like. Someone posted the other day about how they heat it up, add cinnamon, and voila... hot chocolate. It sounded sort of gross, but I actually just finished a cup of it, and it's actually quite delicious. In fact, I think I prefer it hot, now! (Especially since it's FREEZING here!) Now, I drink an entire drink in the morning for breakfast (cold), and a half of one each night hot... 45 easy grams of protein! I just wish they sold the vanilla, so I could try it.
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on 1/5/11 5:10 pm
VSG on 02/14/11 with
How hot can you heat them up? Like how many seconds in the microwave?

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Andrea G.
on 1/5/11 10:57 pm, edited 1/5/11 10:57 pm
 I only heat 1/2 of one up at a time (so, 5.5 ounces) and I find that 50 seconds in the microwave is just the right amount of time. I've wondered if heating it up changes the protein make-up, but I don't see why it would. I don't know, though. But really, it's pretty darn good. That dash of cinnamon makes it just right! 

ETA: I keep mine in the fridge, however, so when I put it in the microwave, it's cold. If you kept them in the cupboard, I imagine it would take quite a bit less time to heat up. 
on 1/5/11 8:58 am - San Felipe, Mexico
Do you need to be a member for Sam's club? Thanks.
on 1/5/11 9:01 am
LOL...that was me turning it into hot chocolate w/ cinnamon. It is yummy. It's very creamy tasting. I also don't get that hint of protein flavor that I taste when I drink it cold. Got me through the low carb pre-op diet.

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on 1/5/11 9:34 am
I get premier at Costco. I really like having them to grab when I am running out the door quick. Good protein to calorie/carbs ratio. (30g protein, 160cal, 5 carbs) It is yummy... but a wee *****alky to me.

My favorite is BSN Lean Dessert... best stuff ever!! Less protein to carb/calorie ratio (20g protein, 130cal, 7 carbs)... but it is VERY yummy and is the only protein I can mix with water and still thourghly enjoy. The Whipped Vanilla Creme is so yummy. Mix it with soy milk and it is even better.

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on 1/5/11 9:42 am
VSG on 12/01/10 with
Oh my gosh! I just joined Costco last week to get these shakes, and Sam's is so much closer (and a *****eaper to join). Now I know. Thanks.
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on 1/5/11 9:44 am - West Minneapolis Suburbs, MN
Yes, you have to be a member to buy at Sam's Club and Costco.