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Does anyone else have varicose veins popping up on their legs?

on 1/7/11 11:49 am - Cumming, GA
Iv lost 66 pounds so far and lately Iv been noticing big blue varicose veins  popping up on various areas of my legs. It's not attractive at all. Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me.
on 1/7/11 11:57 am - AZ
I think mine are just showing up after being hidden by so much fat for all these years. I try not to look at them! Sorry you're having some, too. I think I'll consider having mine stripped down the road if they don't chill out and calm down a bit when they don't have as much tissue to support.

Bug hugs to you, sweetie.

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.: Rana :.
on 1/7/11 1:03 pm - Near Grass Valley, CA
I had something like that happen the first few months while losing weight.  Lucky for me, they were on my upper leg so I was able to hide them easy enough with bermuda-style shorts.  They are still there 3 yrs later, but not as promenient as they once were.


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on 1/8/11 1:58 am
VSG on 06/07/10 with
Yes! In fact, I go in on the 21st of this month to have them taken care of. Found out they are due to the way the veins/arteries leave your abdomen and that (exit of the abdomen) measured as medically necessary. So, my veins (while not horrible) will be gone soon. I would just say, don't assume your insurance won't cover it and don't wait too long. Mine are being done before having to be "stripped". Instead they use a laser on a thin wire that is threaded through the problem vein and then the laser is used to collapse the vein, which then reabsorbs into your body.  The lower, more visible veins (varicose), will be collapsed using a different treatment and some small pieces removed.  I will miss a Friday and Monday of work and that's it. Two weeks no exercising and a month or so of compression stockings. I'll let you all know how it goes!