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Pickle Juice

Karen M.
on 3/22/11 1:45 pm - Rockwall, TX
DS on 12/01/14
I am 8 days post-op and last night was dying for something different than the normal liquids I've been on since before surgery.  I went to my refrigerator and the pickle jar was screaming at me.  I drank a couple of sips of the juice and it tasted like heaven.  I know it is high in sodium but does anyone know of another reason that it wouldn't be good to have every now and then?
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on 3/22/11 1:54 pm
I don't see any reason that you can't have some pickle juice.  You're right; it is high in sodium, but it's low in calories, and if you are craving salt, go ahead and have some!
on 3/22/11 2:08 pm
VSG on 12/14/09 with

This is such an interesting thing.   Maybe it's just us Texas girls, but I did the very same thing shortly after my surgery.  I was totally craving pickle juice.  It was the best thing ever.  Then, I did a little googling and found that apparenlty lots of folks after WLS crave pickles.  Weird, weird,weird.

I even ordered pickle the cheap popsicles that you freeze, but they are actually pickle juice.  I haven't had them since then.  But, boy did they hit the spot when I needed them!

on 3/22/11 3:57 pm - WA
VSG on 01/11/11 with
I drank pickle juice too, and have been eating a lot of pickles since surgery. Same with pepperoncinis. :)
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Karen M.
on 3/22/11 2:12 pm - Rockwall, TX
DS on 12/01/14
That's good to know because as good as it tasted, it might be my saving grace through this liquid phase. Thanks guys!!!
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on 3/22/11 2:34 pm - Woodbridge , VA
VSG on 09/30/08 with
karen  it must be the season lots of you chatting about pickles    LMAO!    Do be careful, you may get the runs lololol ...   I know it is hard but you just had surgery.   Be good to you and the new tummy.   Right now you have head hunger.    Make good habits now and they will stay with you to a new healthy life.  

This is only a tool.   We all still have to work at it .......  Take care and hang in there.... Welcome to the looser bench   lololo still lolol
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on 3/22/11 2:14 pm
Just be careful not to drink too much of it---it's a sure cure for constipation. (*grin*)
on 3/22/11 2:35 pm
Great minds think alike!

I had a few sips of pickle juice last night.
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Karen M.
on 3/22/11 2:43 pm - Rockwall, TX
DS on 12/01/14
I'm glad I'm not alone. It must be the body craving salt. All I know is that it taste like a steak. LOL
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on 3/22/11 3:13 pm
VSG on 01/10/11 with
OMG... Me too. But i didn't drink the juice. I went to the diner with co-workers and took their pickles. I just sat their sipping my water and sucking on the pickle...
on 3/22/11 3:38 pm
My juice of choice is and has been for years Marzetta's Colossol Spiced Olives. Can't wait to actually eat the olives soon!


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on 3/22/11 3:54 pm - GA
VSG on 06/08/09 with
 I know a few people who got off alcohol by drinking pickle juice - go for it!
(deactivated member)
on 3/22/11 4:07 pm
VSG on 04/11/11 with
 I do this now! I'm a pickle & olive freak.
on 3/22/11 5:19 pm
VSG on 02/01/11 with
...and someone said pickle juice keeps leg cramps away! So, you're HELPING yourself! Lol! I drink pickle juice, too... Do we need to start a 12 step group for pickle juice drinkers??


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Danielle K.
on 3/22/11 6:45 pm - Evart, MI
VSG on 03/14/11 with
Oh my I read this and my mouth totally started watering!! lol I am 8 days post op also and the liquids is killing me right now. It is an awesome suggestion. 
diane S.
on 3/22/11 8:43 pm
my surgeon says the sensors for sweet and sour are very similar or closely related or something like that and very often a sour taste will satisfy a perceived need for sweets. So sounds fine to me. Many of us find ourselves super sensitive to sweet tastes after surgery as most protein drinks taste way too sweet so craving a sour thing may be very normal. Go for it. I now have to have dill pickles in my tuna. Just have to.    Diane

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Karen M.
on 3/22/11 10:26 pm - Rockwall, TX
DS on 12/01/14
Omg Diane, you just mentioned tuna. Six weeks will never end.
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