Glass of wine before surgery????

on 3/27/11 1:53 pm
Ok, I have a week tomorrow before my surgery. Do you think I can have a glass of wine this week? I am on a healthy diet this week, 2 shakes and healthy dinner as per docs instructions. I am so ready now to do this!! ;)
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on 3/27/11 2:02 pm - TX
I'd ask your doc or NUT. I did not have any alcohol during my 2 wk pre-op. Feel like if shrinking the liver is the goal that perhaps alcohol is not in order....
charmaine A.
on 3/27/11 2:06 pm - MI
my doctor said no because alcohol is a blood thinner..i had to stop drinking 2 months before..  i was never much of a drinker, but that is what he said we go on the liquid diet to shrink the liver and liquor expands it.
Best of Luck, Charmaine
on 3/27/11 2:27 pm
My doctor allowed me to have a drink the night before surgery.

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sleeve genie
on 3/27/11 3:14 pm - Alhambra, CA
I'm pretty sure its Dr Aceves in Mexico who is a great surgeon, lots of people on this site love him, he lets them have a last meal and a drink the night before surgery.   To be politically correct let me state that you should always do what your doctor says   lol   i had wine about a week before my surgery.   my surgeon never mentioned it one way or the other   Congratulations on your surgery,  you'll be so happy you did this  :o) Jeani
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on 3/27/11 7:53 pm - Cleveland, TN

I work on a surgical unit getting patient's ready for surgery, both pre testing, and the morning of surgery.
We instruct not to drink alcohol within 5 days, and some cases have been canceled if a patient has had alcohol within 24 hrs of surgery.   Depends upon the doctor and the anesthesiologists involved in the case.  This is just at my facility. 
Your surgeon is sure to have an opinion about it if you are interested in it.
Some people go on the rule that it is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.  I am sure that this is true, but you really want to do what is best for your outcomes.  


Wishing you all the best, Carol       
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on 3/27/11 9:07 pm - New Orleans
I enjoyed a margarita the night before my surgery.  That's not medical advice, it's just a fact.

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on 3/27/11 11:55 pm - MD
I stopped alcohol 2 mos. pre-op.  I think I would listen to those who caution about complications; you wouldn't want to risk not having the surgery because of a glass of wine.  Pop-Pop
on 3/28/11 9:53 am
VSG on 10/01/10 with
I had a margarita and carne asada the night before my surgery.  I had no instructions about alcohol.
I was in Mexico and couldn't resist a last meal..  But I'd lost almost 30 pounds in the month and was happy with that.

But you should ask what YOUR doctor prefers.. ALWAYS. People here can usually only tell you what they did or wat their doctor wants.

K J 


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