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on 4/17/11 11:28 pm - Ashburn, VA
Maybe TMI for some, but I am having the worst time with constipation! And after evaluating everything, I am pretty sure that it has to do with eating so much more protein, and less carbs, than I used to!

Besides the obvious things to fix it, more liquids and fiber, has anyone else had this problem - and what ideas do y'all have!?!?!?!  My rear is begging for help LOL!~

Susan M.
on 4/17/11 11:35 pm
 I'm not very experienced with constipation caused by the sleeve, but I have had two other major surgeries. Each time my doctor told me to take 1-2 Colace capsules each day to help with constipation. It does help.  I met with a bariatric nurse the day before my sleeve surgery, and she told me the same thing about Colace. if more fiber and water isn't helping you much, you may want to try this over-the-counter help.  Of course, your doctor may have some suggestions also.
on 4/18/11 12:05 am - Rigby, ID
 I can't do the fiber  powders or I am chained to the throne room most of the day. I take a dose of fiber capsules every day (twice if I feel those little signs or I stop losing) and a stool softener every night. These alone don't do it for me, though, so I have at least one serving of high fiber fruit and one veggie every day. I don't do super low carb because of being stopped up with just fiber supplements alone. My body seems to want the volume from food. I don't lose real fast but I had a stopped-up experience almost like Waning Woman talks about on her blog and I don't EVER wanna go through that again!!!
on 4/18/11 12:10 am - WV
I had severe constipation its still kinda bad, i started taking colace every 6 hours and every other day i take a dose of miralax its colorless, odorless and tasteless i mix it with about 6 ounces of crystal light and i have a bm about every other day and it is such a relief in the beginning i had constipation so bad I thought i was gonna have to have my turds removed digitally(i know tmi, but this is a turd post lol..but its getting better.I also bought some fiber one bars and i eat one every once in awhile i eat half in the morning and half at night hope this helps and sorry about the tmi...


on 4/18/11 12:18 am - VA
In the beginning I had constipation so bad. I thought I would die. It felt like I was trying to have a baby out of my rear end.... So when I had that bad episode I took a vow to never let that happen to me again. So here's how I prevent it..... I LIVE BY FIBER GUMMIES.... I eat them every day and they taste pretty good too. So I figure you cant go wrong. I haven't had another episode since then. I also take one dose of benefiber. I use the bathroom everyday!!! Good luck!!
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on 4/18/11 12:28 am - WV
Where can you find the fiber gummies?


on 4/18/11 12:42 am - VA
Walgreens..... It's important we get fiber in order to stay regular. (25 grams) and no way we are getting it in from food along if we are concentrating on protein first. So I've taken them every since I was like 4 weeks out....
HW: 272   SW: 256  CW: 189 GW: 170

1st  Goal:    245:    
2nd Goal:    220:    Achieved
3rd  Goal:    199:    Achieved
Final goal:   170

"I thank GOD for allowing me this opportunity to turn my life around"
George B.
on 4/18/11 2:31 am - Miami, FL
Fiber Gummies  have been an amazing find for me. I started using them after reading a post about them here on OH. I take 2 Fiber Gummies every other day and I've been regular and pain free. It's great to be regular again and to have a bowel movement without pain.

I buy Fiber Gummies at Costco. They're $9 for 200 and there is a $2 off coupon in this months Costco flyer.

Good luck,
on 4/18/11 1:04 am - Laguna Niguel, CA
VSG on 10/15/10 with
I take benefiber powder 1 tsp in my tea every morning. It mixes well with anything, is tasteless, does not thicken liquids, and is totally undetectable. I have also mixed it with juice , soups, cereal, anything liquidy. I also give it to my 9yr old daughter in her morning milk or cereal- she suffers from constipation too. I get the HUGE container at costco, and it lasts a few months. I heard they have another one called beneprotein, which I have yet to try. Supposed to add protein to any liquid as well. I'm really funny about texture, so I'm not sure about the beneprotein for me. Also fiber gummies are good too. My daughter takes those on occasion too. I just worry that if I don't chew them enough, they could get stuck or plug my stoma, so I'm scared of them. Hope this helps!

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on 4/18/11 1:18 pm - Ashburn, VA
LOL Gin =)

I went to CVS and got the fiber gummies earlier before I read this, so yippee! All I know is that I need to do something, because I have never been this way before. Always on the slippery end of the spectrum - so this is not so comfortable for me. 

I guess I also figure that it can't be healthy - I mean if you NEED to take stuff to go, fine - but there should be a way to try and do it naturally. I just dont want my gut to give out and I have to eat prunes everyday like my granddaddy did =) LOL I'm too young to be plugged up like this.

Thanks Everyone!!