Left shoulder pain after surgery (day 7).

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on 5/2/11 6:31 am
I just had surgery on Monday (4/25) and I am having pretty bad pain in my left shoulder.  It's been happening since yesterday.  It's not always there but I definately notice it when it flares up.  I notice it more if I am drinking something.  I just moved to mushies today and I notice it right after I eat as well.

My thoughts is that it is related to gas from the surgery in the abdoman pushing against the diaphragm.  In which case it will go away eventually, right.  However, I have heard of some people getting this sensation from being "full".  I'm just not sure what I should think.

I'm stuck in that curious phase where I am looking for signs of how things are supposed to behave and feel.  I didn't get too full from my first mushie meal, I just got a sens of not wanting anymore. I also got a few hiccups that went by quickly.  It's so strange to try to figure out what to listen to. 
on 5/2/11 6:44 am
My nurse had warned me of that pain when being discharged from the hospital. Luckily, I never experienced that pain. She said that was moving gas. I haven't really ate until I was full either. I basically go slow and eat the portion that I think is my limit and usually at that time I am completely satisfied but not full. No discomfort then either. I understand how you fell on the unsure feelings and thoughts though.
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on 5/2/11 6:53 am - MN
I've never had shoulder pain when I'm full. My sleeve tells me RIGHT NOW when I'm full.

The shoulder pain could still be from the gas. It moves up - chest, shoulders, neck, head, then it's gone. Mine lasted several days post op and then one day it was gone.

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on 5/2/11 6:54 am - NY
I had ht esame problem but I was my doctor said that was pretty normal that will go away soon and she was right it went away!! just have patience.

on 5/2/11 6:57 am - MN
Oso...try Gas-X strips and see if those help...they were a God-send to me! They keep that gas pain knocked on it's can!

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on 5/2/11 7:07 am
I've heard others report that a heating pad helps release some of that extra gas.

and it sounds like you are doing well with your eating. It's best to stop when you are satisfied as opposed to stuffed. and those hiccups are probably your sign that you've had enough and should stop before it's too late! I personally have a single hiccup when I should stop. If I keep going, then I get several hiccups. and very early out, if I kept going, I lost my meal. Only made that mistake once. :)

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on 5/2/11 7:27 am - Alhambra, CA
i had shoulder pain for about the first two weeks,   i thought it was from the weird position i was in during the surgery.   I was awake when they first rolled me into the OR and he put something kinda under my shoulder on the left side to angle me?  not sure why but it went away after 2 weeks,  i also thought it was gas related.   Walk, walk, walk, best thing for gas,  the gas x didn't really help me but others swear by it.   The first 2-4 weeks is the hardest after that its a breeze   i never get hiccups or anything to signal i'm full ,  i just feel it in my tummy and stop eating.   You'll be an old pro at this in no time   be good to yourself   :o) jeani
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on 5/2/11 7:50 am
It also could be from your vagus nerve.. it typically refers to the left shoulder. Good news is it goes away, but that would explain why you feel it when you eat and drink. It's likely irritated, or good old gas.
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as long as yer not havin any other symptoms...

Im thinkin trapped gas.. carbon dioxide from surgery Do some arm stretches, overhead type move it around and work it out.....a heating pad when layin down, sittin for 15-20 minutes maybe, see if it helps

***** maybe even heartburn/gerd ...how are those issues comin along? I know you don't wanna hear it....but maybe try one of yer old PPIs and see if ya have any relief No need to be all macho Oso! if it helps...even temporarily post op....... it helps right!

Also could be like Jo says, vagus nerve! runs from intestines to stomach to head!!, in VSG some of the lower branches are severed at the lower bottom of our stomach, but v. nerves run all along our LEFT SIDE!...to our head. This is very common pain also...as long as yer not having any other symptoms. And will resolve with some time, most docs will say wait it out...I haven't seen anyone here get anything to help w/ that.

Hope it works out soon!
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on 5/2/11 1:54 pm
 Don't worry, any time I am being a little too macho my boyfriend comes along and puts me in check ;)

So far, no heartburn/GERD .... keeping fingers crosses on that one.  That's the big one for me because I am on some other meds that do not play well with PPIs.  I can only take 20mg a day and it has to be taken 10 hours apart ... rules rules rules.  That is why I was so worried about the GERD and PPI before the surgery.  I know that GERD may still rear it's ugly head, but I am hoping it will be a non-issue.

I think I am going to put my money on gas from the surgery.  If it is still here in a couple of weeks then maybe I will have to look further.