Skinny to Fat Pics

on 5/19/11 3:02 pm, edited 5/19/11 4:03 pm - Naples, FL
Since everyone shares there before and after weight loss pics and I havent had my surgery yet I have decided to show you my BEFORE (skinny pic) and AFTER (current fat me pic). The skinny picture of me is from 2003 when I lost a ton of weight the wrong way. Starving and Tons of exercise. Then I starting binge type habits and gained tons of weight back and more. I am now 345 and climbing. Only a few weeks till I submit my insurance. I cant live another day in this horrid blob of a body of mine!


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on 5/19/11 4:49 pm
Hey....that was a cool idea!....i hope your befores....become your afters...before too long?....or something like that!  Ha ha!  I'm excited for you to start your "journey" good luck!

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Mandi E.
on 5/19/11 4:55 pm - Kissimmee, FL
Wow what a hottie!! You're going to look fabulous! At least you know what you can look like. I've never been skinny as an adult so it'll all be new to me!  
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what Jimbo said.
you will get there again.....  Keep looking at the 1st pic and visualize you
being that weight again.  its going to happen!

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Lori G.
on 5/19/11 7:20 pm - CA
Aloha SMB-

There might be a silver lining in this plastic surgeon likes to photograph patients at their heaviest in front of his blue screen, then as they lose, he retakes photos as 25, 50, 75, 100, etc pounds lost in the same positions- he then fuses them and makes "videos" of them melting then takes his after plastics photos. Ypu might not be one who needs plastics ( after losing almost 200 lbs, I definitely needed them!) but if you find such a PS to do this, it can be a very cool and inspiring montage. So ask around, even if you do not think you'll need plastics.

Another point- I have very few "fat" photos because I was so embarassed as I put on weight- but taking them gives you lots of comparison shots as you lose. I wore the same types of outfits and took the photos in front of the same door as I lost , it makes comparisons more consistent.

This too shall pass, the VSG has been a miracle for me, giving me my life back at 50. Continued great success to you! XOXOLori

on 5/19/11 8:34 pm - Columbia, SC
I have some of those "formerly thin" pictures from about 6 years ago.  Now, a little over 9 months later, I'm almost back to the same place I was then.  You'll be there before you know it!!

I'm down in Columbia. We're starting our own reversal of the overweight South!

Marie B.
on 5/19/11 10:50 pm - Pitman, NJ
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Well, dang, you are one hottie!  I know how you feel.  I have after diet pics too, then of course there was always the dreaded regain!  You'll be back to your hot self before you know it and that lady of yours will be keeping a watchful eye on the gals trying to scope you out!
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on 5/19/11 11:14 pm
What a great idea! You'll get back to that before pic before you know it!

on 5/19/11 11:28 pm - Minneapolis, MN
How fortunate that you have that as inspiration for your journey! I honestly have no idea what I will look like at goal. My last "thin" memory was a fleeting week i***** where I crash dieted down to 190 before skyrocketing up 100 lbs or so in the next 2 years. So I totally get ya. But I'm still jealous you have a visual goal!
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George B.
on 5/19/11 11:35 pm - Miami, FL
Very cool pictorial.

You should post these again with your post-op weight loss pictures.

Best of luck,